Spinach with sesame sauce recipe

Spinach with sesame sauce recipe


500g spinach

50 sesame sauce

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp vinegar


1. a. Clean spinach, quick boil in boiling water, take out and cooled water,drain well.

   b. Cut spinach into 4cm long section. Put in a big bowl.

2. a. Put sesame sauce in a bowl, add salt, vinegar,1 tsp water,stir with teaspoon or chopsticks into liquid sesame sauce.

3. Add liquid sesame sauce in the big bowl with spinach, stir well, serve.

Beneficial Function: Sesame sauce is better than sesame seeds and sesame oil which is rich in iron, calcium,protein and linoleic acid.It's easy to digest and absorb by our body than other beans and vegetables, helping to prevent from osteoporosis.

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