How to let muscle eat well

Only when your muscle eats well you can build satisfied hard muscle. This means you should take nutrition the same as the bodybuilders do.

I. You should have more afternoon sleep than normal people.

Besides sleep at night,if you do exercise in the morning, you'd better have 2 hours afternoon sleep. The purpose is to not only have a rest but also give enough generating time to life hormone(which is needed in synthesizing protein). On the other hand,the liver starch which is consumed in exercise needs 2-3 hours to be supplemented. Otherwise, you'll feel tired.

2. Supplementing high energy food before sleeping.

For normal fitness exercisers, high energy diet before sleep is easy to cause obesity and hyperlipidemia. But bodybuilders should ingest enough nutrients such as meat,fish,egg, cheese,and cauliflower,etc before sleep. This will let damaged muscle cell restore in time.

3. After exercise,taking meal when it past half an hour.

Experiment shows that if you do fierce exercise 2 hours each day, you need intake 1.5 times protein per kilogram weight than those who have less exercise.

While supplementing these additional protein and other nutrients should have right time. The hormone that promotes protein synthesizing will secret to the blood after exercise. And the peak time will be at 2 hours after exercise. Experts did a trial. They divided exercisers who had same sport activities into two groups. One group took meal at 2 hours after exercise while the other groups took meal at half an hour after exercise. The result showed that the latter contained 1 times hepatin in muscle than the former.

4. Fat is the best nutrition of endurance sports.

Previously,hepatin was used to be regarded as the main role of exercisers'energy resource. So It was suggested that exercisers should eat cereal,potatos,and citrus,etc 3 hours before exercise. This would store energy in liver in form of hepatin for later use.

New experiements show that what bodybuilders consume most is fat not sugar. Normal people store fat in fat tissues. But for bodybuilders, their insulin level is restrained temporarily. The fat in the blood is ingested and stored by muscle, and takes part in metabolism earlier. So it won't be first stored in fat tissue.

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