Mens Health Fitness and Diet

Four Diet Principles for Mens Health Fitness

Controlling diet habit can change our body shape, improve our ability to anti-disease, and improve our activity and life span.

Principle 1.

In diet, consider animal proteins in priority which include lean meat, fish, ham, egg and milk product. The best protein is egg white. Experts suggest that those who have shortcomings in body shape should eat more protein. Normally men should take protein 90g each day.

Principle 2.

Eat with reason, reducing fat(cooked saturated fat) and sugar intake.

Increase intake of vegetables,fruits and foods which contain much edible fiber.

From 40 years old, the need of vitamins will double. So you should take more different kinds of vitamins and magnesium.

Principle 3.

Pay attention to the trace element intake. Many trace elements such as zinc,copper, iodine, selenium greatly help us to improve resistance. They also help to keep good body shape.

Principle 4.

eating more food containing calcium. This is an effective method to prevent your body from becoming short.

From 30 years old, our bone cell growth begins to slow down. When we are in middle aged, most of us get osteoporosis more or less. We'll become shorter with the age.So we should eat more foods containing calsium.

An adult needs 1000mg food containing calsium. But the need should increase to 1400mg if you active less, smoke,drunk and dring coffee. The volume(1400mg) equals to 2 cups of milk, 60g cheese, 250g bean, 150g yogurt.

Foods For Mens Health Fitness and Beauty

Cabbage, Chinese cabbage: good to stomach and intestines, help to loose weight.

Spinach: Contain rich nutrients, help to clean skin and reduce wrinkles.

Note: contan oxilic acid, so those who are with nephritis, kidney stones don't eat.

Leek: Clean intestines and defecation, remove fat and beautify skin

Caraway: Remove black speckles

Shallot: Prevent diseases, soften blood vessel.

Purslane: Detoxification, sterilization, improve lipid.

White Gourd: Diuresis, detumescence,moisture skin.

Towel Gourd: Beautify skin, remove wrinkle.

Balsam pear: clear heat,detoxinfication. reduce sugar, prevent cancer.

Tomato: Reduce pressure, clear heat, beautify skin, remove speckle.

Capsicum: Generate heat, promote blood circulation, beautify skin.

Longan Pulp: Tonify Chi,nourish spleen, make your face looks well and color beautiful.

Chinese Date: Moisture skin, prevent aging.

Walnut kernel: Make face color beautiful,nourish hair, moisture skin.

Pine Nut: Nourish heart,stomach,lung,liver,kidney, prevent aging.

Pork Skin: Nourish vital essence and blood, moisture skin.

Rabbit Meat: Warm middle energizer and tonify Chi, nourish and beautify.

Fish: Soften blood vessel, tonify skin, nourish hair.

Egg: Moisture skin, remove wrinkle.

Milk: Tonify weak, nourish viscera, whiten and make face color beautiful.

Honey: Nourish hair and face,remove wrinkle and rejuvenate skin.

Right Way to Supplement Protein for Mens Health Fitness:

A. Protein intake should be comprehensive

Protein is made of amino acid which has more than 20 types.

  • Necessary amino acid: 8 types, they cannot be composed in body, or cannot be transfered by other types of amino acid. They must be provided by food.
  • Non-necessary amino acid: Can be composed in body, or tranfered by other types of amino acide.

Protein intake should have both quality and quantity.

Protein in different foods contains different types and the quantity is different. High value protein is:

  • More categories, more quantity.
  • Appropriate ratio between categories and quantity

If one or several amino acid are not contained or quantity is not enough, it'll be limited for Food protein synthesis of human protein, and the muscle won't be developed, too. So it's not that more quantity of amino acid, more value of nutrients.

For example, cereal protein lacks of lysine, and bean protein lacks of sulfur amino acids. These limit their use in our body.

Protein can be complementary. Mixing to eat cereal and bean will improve the value of their proteins.( eating at the same time).

To promote muscle growth, many body builders take amino acid supplements.(Please consult your doctor).

B. Improve protein digestive rate.

Protein digestive rate: The extent food is decompsed by digestive enzyme. The higher the protein digestive rate, the possiblity the protein is absorbed by human, and the higher the nutrient value.

Factors affect protein digestive rate:

a. Plant protein has lower absorption rate than that of animal protein. The reason is:

  • Protein in plant food is wrapped by fibers,less touch with digestive enzyme.
  • Fibers speed gastrointestinal move,so shorten the time the food stays in stomach and intestine.

   To make use of plant protein, we must process and cook plant food to spoil,soften, or remove fibers. For the whole grain soybean, its protein digestive rate is 60%, while soymilk is 90%. Some plant food should be cooked by high temperature to spoil its anti-trypsin which can reduce the protein digestive enzyme.

b. The adoption of human digestive function. Changing from one kind of diet to another, especially from protein-rich diet to non protein-rich diet will cause digestive system disordered.

So, to make sure an effective protein digesting and absorbing, we should arrange daily meals scientifically. It's not good to eat meal full of nutrients sometimes while sometimes eat very poor-nutrient-contained food.

c. Ingesting variety of protein-contained foods. Don't eat egg and meat everyday as monotonous food repeat stimulation will cause the curb of the cerebral cortex, reducing digestive ability. Further more, food variety is the main method to keep nutrient,especially amino acid balance.

To promote digestion and absorption, it's better to have an elegant dinner environment. Then you can eat pleasantly.

lysine, sulfur amino acidsRepeat  will stimulate the cerebral cortex along the curb

d. Eating supplement and fruit to get idea digestion and absorption effect.

Some body builders take hydrochloric acid before meal and eat digestive enzyme after meal. When stomach wall cells secret hydrochloric acid,gastric juice is acidic. Gastric protein enzyme can digest protein well in this environment. However, consult your doctor or experts if you want to try.

Some fruits contain digestive enzyme, such as pinapple and fig.Eating them in fresh will promote protein digesting. Lemon acid, malic acid, pomegranate acid also promote the secretion of digestive juice,helping protein to be digested.

C. Supplementing protein economically

a. Sugar helps to save protein. Amino acid needs much energy when re-synthesised protein and further metabolized in body.If ingesting sugar at the same time, it's good to amino acid activation and protein synthesis.

b. Food special heat producer role. Any food intake can promote body energy metabolism and increase heat dissipation. This increases our body energy loss, not the source of increasing energy. This is called special heat producer role.

All nutrients have special heat producer roles, of which protein is the strongest,producing 30% of its own heat, while sugar only 5%-6% of its own heat. From heat producer role, you'll clear your protein intake. 

c. Don't ingest much protein blindly. Protein is not economical energy material, as it consumes too much energy when ingested. So, it's not economical only to increase protein-contained foods intake but to reduce sugar-contained foods.

Only after the sugar supply gets to the minimum physical requirement,increasing protein supply can produce best effect,transfering more protein into muscle growth material.

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