Long Term Muscle Increase Diet Plan


What's the secret for long term musle increase diet plan?

To keep long term muscle increase while keep low fat level, the secret is to adopt two different diet plans. One is to increase muscle blocks, another is to reduce body fat while keep muscle blocks.

No one single diet plan can do perfect to get the above two targets. Here introduce the details of the two diet plans.  

The First Stage: Muscle Increase Diet Plan

The 1st meal,breakfast--Composite sugar and protein(50g).

As no food supply for the whole night,the body need heat energy, especially sugar.Composite sugar burns slow,which can provide continuous energy to the first several hours work.

Meantime, you need protein intake to maintain amino acid influx in blood. This will prevent muscle from catabolism.

The 2nd meal, snack in the morning--Protein.

It's the time to have meal again after 3 hours of breakfast. This will keep body to get energy supply and keep continuous amino acid in blood during the left time in the morning.

Amino acid comes from protein, so you may choose chichen breast meat or high protein powder at this meal. You can also eat some fruits which contain sugar and edible fibers.

The 3rd meal, lunch-- Protein(important),composite sugar, vegetables.

Protein foods are beef and fish. They the best choice in muscle increase stage. Besides protein, they also provide extra heat energy(fat).

You can choose composite sugar such as potato, rice,and pasta,etc.

The 4th meal, snack in the afternoon-- Protein,some sugar

Take at least 1 hour before training. This meal is to keep amino acid influx in blood. In muscle increase stage, you can choose high protein drinks,plus some sugar.

The 5th meal, after training and dinner

The first part,drinks within 30mins after training. On this meal you should eat simple sugar to supplement hepatin store consumed in training. The idea ratio of protein and sugar is 1:2. 25-30g protein is better. This will make sure enough amino acid to rebuild muscle while preventing from reducing simple sugar absorbing speed because of too much protein intake.

The second part is 1 hour after the first part. It should be composed by solid food including  composite sugar such as rice,potato,high protein such as beef, and lots of vegetables.

The 6th meal,snack at night-- Protein,a little sugar

On this meal the important is protein which provide amino acid during sleep. You can also eat some sugar. But most body builders avoid sugar at night as they are easy to be transfered into fat at rest time.


The Second Stage: Fat Reduce Diet Plan

1st meal, breakfast-- Composite sugar,protein.

Though it's the fat reduce stage, it also need enough composite sugar and protein to provide energy and to avoid muscles' catabolism. Composite sugar includes oat chip,rice and pasta. Protein is from egg white.

The heat energy on this meal is less than that muscle increase stage. Heat reduced because the fruit was removed. Fat reduced because egg yolk was removed.

2nd meal, snack in the morning-- Protein

Fat reduce stage should keep low heat intake while enough protein.

This meal should eat 100% protein such as a tin of tuna,some low fat meat, or high protein drinks.

3rd meal,lunch-- Lean meat(chicken/turkey chest meat),sugar(rice),vegetables

Chicken/turkey chest meat is the best protein choice in fat reduce stage. The purpose is not to avoid fat but avoid heat caused by extra fat needed.

4th meal,before training-- Protein, intake at least 1 hour before training

The purpose of this meal is to keep amino acid supply in blood. In fat reduce stage,you should insist to use high protein drinks to prevent over heat coming from sugar.

5th meal, after training and dinner.

After training, you should take protein and sugar drinks and the ratio of protein and sugar is at 1:2. Protein intake should be 25-30g.

1 hour later, dinner should be arranged. The idea choice should be beef,chicken, fish, a bowl of vegetable. Don't eat composite sugar on this meal as reducing sugar intake is help to burn body fat.

6th meal, snack at night-- Protein

The purpose of this meal is to keep amino acid supply. This is important to keep muscle blocks during reduce heat period.

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