Fruit recipes for Mens Health

Below are fruit recipes for mens health

To mention about fruit, the general understanding is that it has beauty and slimming effect. In fact, the versatile fruit can be used as assistant therapy for sexual dysfunction and urinary tract infections.

Litchi :

15-20 litchi kernel, mashed,15-20, decoct with water.

Help to cure testicle gall.

Lotus :

a. 15g fresh lotus seeds (don't strip out the green part in the seed central core),decoct with water. Drink water and eat lotus seeds.

b. 10g fresh lotus seeds(with the green part), steam with rice(on the surface of the rice). Chew the steamed lotus seeds. 2 times a day. Serve 2 consecutive days.

Suitable for too much wet dreas.

Grapes :

250g fresh grapes, peeled, mash kernel,add warm water. Drink soup. Serve 1 to 2 times a day, continue to serve 2 weeks.

Help to cure prostatitis and urine short and acerbic pain.

Chinese goosebeery : 50g fresh Chinese goosebeery, peel, mash, add 1 cup of warm water,drink.

Help to cure prostatitis and urine short and acerbic pain.

Mango :

10g mango kernel, mashed, decoct with water.

Serve 2 times per day, continue to serve 2 weeks.

Help to cure testitis and testicle gall.


10 pieces, cooked by stir.

Eating kernels, 2 times per day, coninue to serve 2 weeks.

Help to cure excessive spermatorrhea.

Papaya :

250g papaya, slice, soak in 1000g rice wine for two weeks.

Drinking 15ml per serve. 2 times a day, continue to serve for two weeks.

Help to cure kidney deficiency and premature ejaculation.

Chinese Date :

Chinese date can enrich the blood if eating regularly. Those who are with premature ejaculation and impetence should eat regularly.

Walnut :

Eating walnut 2-4 pieces will reinforce kidney and tonify blood, helping treatment of kidney stones and urinary tract stones, and delaying aging.

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