Hawthorn Drinks

Here three Hawthorn Drinks are made to those who are with coronary heart disease, hypertension and obesity. Hawthorn has the function of reducing blood pressure, removing fat, dissipating blood stasis, resolving phlegm and promoting blood circulation, promoting appetite.

Western medicine also regard hawthorn as healthy food which can expand coronary artery, strengthen cardiac muscle shrink, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, and improve blood circulation, etc.

a. Hawthorn with Chinese Date Drink Recipe


60g hawthorn

15 pieces Chinese date

20g brown sugar


1. Clean hawthorn and Chinese date, add in a cooker,add water.

2. Decoct 30mins, filter soup into a big bowl;

3. Add water in the dregs, repeat step 2.

4. Mix soup from step 2 and 3, add brown sugar, stir evenly.Serve.

Serving Methods: Drink 2 times each day. Drink in the morning and in the evening. Serve with warm.

Beneficial Function: Promoting circulation of Qi to remove food stagnation, stimulating circulation of blood to remove stasis. Suitable for coronary heart disease.

b. Hawthorn with Carrot Drink Recipe


120g fresh hawthorn

120g carrot

30g white sugar

1 tablespoon honey


1. Clean carrot, steam until totally soft and cooked(easy to be inserted by a fork). Cut into small pieces, add in a beater. Beat into carrot paste, pour in a big bowl.

2. Clean hawthorn, add in a cooker, add water,bring to a boil, continue to cook 7mins. Add in the beater after cooled. Beat, filter by a piece of gauze, remove dregs. Repeat again, then come out the hawthorn paste.

3. Add a little warm water in the white sugar, stir until melted.

4. Mix carrot paste, hawthorn paste and sugar-water,add honey, stir evenly, serve.

Serving Methods: Serve with warm, 2 times a day. Drink in the morning and in the afternoon.

Beneficial Function: Stimulating blood circulation to remove stasis and promoting appetite. Suitable for those who are with coronary heart disease and hypertension.

c. Hawthorn with Peanut Drink Recipe

150g peanut

50g hawthorn(150g if fresh)

1 tablespoon white sugar


1. Soak peanut in water for 40mins, place in a beater, beat,comes out peanut paste,set aside.

2. Clean hawthorn, place in a cooker,add 1000ml water, decoct for 30mins, remove dregs. Continue to decoct the soup until left 500g.

3. Add white sugar the hawthorn soup, stir until melted. Add peanut paste, stir well. Continue to cook until boiled. Serve.

Serving Methods: Serve with warm. Eat at any times. 50g each time.

Beneficial Function: Dispersing stasis of blood, reducing blood pressure. Suitable for those who are with hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, constipation, etc.

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