Heart Healthy Diet and Sugar Intake Control

Heart Healthy Diet and Sugar Intake Control

Some experts think that coronary heart disease is not only caused by too much animal fat intake, too much sugar intake is also one of the causese. Sugar stimulates too much cholesterol synthesizing in the body and so increases the gross amount of the cholesterol in the blood.

There is a small island on south of Atlantic called Saint Helena Island. They have a high proportion of coronary disease. The residents eat very little animal fat but consume 45kg per person each year. On the contrary, residents in the Maasai village in East Africa who mainly live on meat(of course they don't eat as much as we do) but eat less sugar seldom get coronary disease.

Sugar exists in most food we eat.

Sugar in complex carbohydrates is called amylose. Such foods are oatmeal, bread, potato, beans, rice,etc.

Sugar existing in most fruits and vegetables is called inner-type sugar. They are part of cell tissue of food.

Outer-type sugar exists in food such as cane sugar, honey, cake, cookies,and candy, etc. They are not part of cell tissue of food.

Amylose and inner-type sugar are healthy diet. People with heart disease should avoid food containing outer-type sugar. If you are addicted in sugar you can eat some Gymnema Leaf. Gymnema Leaf blocks and inhibits a large percentage of sugar absorption and has the incredible ability of severing ones desire for sugar. Click here for more about Gymnema Leaf.

Even people without heart conditions should control the intake of outer-type-sugar containing food. The amount should be less than 10% of the total heat daily intake, it's about 52g white sugar. The followings are two sets of example food combinations which get to the limit:

  • A small piece of cake with a layer of jam(24g) and A tin of Cocacola(36g);
  • Two cups of coffee with 2 teaspoons of sugar(20g),2 pieces of chocolate waffle(20g),and half pint cider(12g).

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