Beijing Roast Duck Recipe

Beijing Roast Duck is reputed as "world flavors",with bright red color,thin and tender meat, crisp skin,mellow flavor, fat but not greasy.

Real Beijing Roast Duck began in the Ming Dynasty. With the appearance and development of "Quan Ju De Roast Duck Shop" in Beijing, Beijing Roast Duck becomes more and more famous.

Beijing Roast Duck takes Beijing force-feed duck as main material. It is said the breeding of this pure white Beijing duck started from a thousand years ago. At that time the nomadic monarches got a white mallard species in hunting, later fostering this rare duck species.

Today's Beijing Roast Duck selects force-feed duck reared in Beijing's suburb.

Beijing Roast Duck procedure:

1. Wash clean the whole duck,evisceration.

2. Press into the air between the skin and flesh,making skin and flesh seperated.

3. Coat  maltose syrup to the whole duck.

4. Air to dry.

5. Pour water into duck chamber.

6. Put the duck into the oven.

7. After 40mins roast,it's brown and crisp outside while tender inside the duck.

8. Take out,pour out the water inside (above 5).

How to eat Beijing Duck:

Usually cut into pieces while the duck is still hot. You can let meat and skin together, also let the skin and meat separated.

1.Dipping sweet bean sauce,add white part of scallions and strips of cucumber,rollin a special lutus leaf pie.This is traditional Beijing Duck eating method.

2.Mix garlic mud into soy sauce,dipping the sauce,eat in rolling pie.

3.Dipping white sugar if you like sweet food.

4.Add duck meat into center hollow sesame baked pie.

5.Left duck frame can cook soup with chinese cabbage or chinese water melon, having a distinctive flavor.


About Beijing Duck's Roasting:

Taditionally, people take hardwood such as chinese date,walnut or pear as fuel. These fuels have less smoke and produce fragrance.The firepower is gentle not violent.

Where to eat

Beijing Roast Duck in Quan Ju De Restaurant is regarded the best. It has lots of branches all around world, the one in Qian Men, Beijing is the original. It was established in 1864.

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