Low fat diet food nutrition and function list

Low fat diet food nutrition and function list(per 100g)

Food Heat(kcal) Protein(g) Fat(g) Carbo-hydrate(g) Function Suitable to use in
Barley 307 10.2 1.4 63.4 regulate the function of stomach, smooth intestine,promote diuresis indigestion, painful urination
Millet 358 9 3.1 73.5 tonifying Kidney,remove heat, detoxification stomach and spleen Heat of deficiency type, eliminate thirsty, diarrhea
Sorghum rice 351 10.4 3.1 70.4 mild,sluggish gastrointestine, prevent cholera cholera, diarrhea, wet and fever, dysuria
Corn 106 4 1.2 19.9 adjust mild,stimulate appetite,benefit lung,peace heart,diuresis hypertention, thirsty, hemoptysis, hepatitis
Seed of gordon euryale 351 8.3 0.3 78.7 tonifying kidney to control nocturnal emission, tonify spleen to stop diarrhea spermatorrhea,leukorrhea,diarrhea stool ,frequent micturition
Soybean 359 35.1 16 18.6 tonify spleen,relieving epigastric distention, moisturizing dryness malnutrition by diarrhea, thin but abdominal distension ,traumatic bleeding
Black soybean 381 36.1 15.9 23.3 benefit Chi(vita energy), adjust epigastric distention, tonify spleen and kidney stomach and spleen weak, diarrhea, spermatorrhea, frequent micturition
Broad bean 104 8.8 0.4 16.4 remove dampness through diuresis ,reinforce spleen edema
Pea 318 23 1 54.3 regulating the middle warmer,keepiing the adverse qi downward ,diuresis,dispel sore toxin cholera, beriberi, turgescence carbuncle, injury of muscle and tendon
Small red bean 309 20.2 0.6 55.7 diuresis, elimination Dampness, tonigy blood, discharge pus,detoxification Edema, beriberi, jaundice,  hematochezia
Mung bean 316 21.6 0.8 55.6 remove fever, detoxification, remove summer heat summer heat. polydipsia, edema.  erysipelas. carbuncle swollen. drug toxicity
Haricot bean 37 2.7 0.2 6.1 tonify spleen, remove summer heat and wet summer wet vomiting, diarrhea, children malnutrition
Black mushroom 19 2.2 0.3 1.9 tonify stomach Rickets, anemia
Black fungus(wet) 21 1.5 0.2 3.4 cool blood, hemostasis,tonify vita energy dysentery, uterine bleeding.
Onion 39 1.1 0.2 8.1 eating one each day may change bad cholesterol into good one Wounds, ulcers, Trichomonas vaginitis, hyperlipidema
White gourd 11 0.4 0.2 1.9 diuresis,remove phlegm, clear heat,detoxification Edema, bulge distended, beriberi, cough asthma, summer heat, anguish, diarrhea
Celery 14 0.8 0.1 2.5 subduing hyperactivety of the liver, clear heat, dispersing pathogenic wind and remove dampness hypertension, Vertigo headache, rheumatism pain, neuralgia and urinating blood, pain swelling
Leek 26 2.4 0.4 3.2 warm, promote circulation of Qi and blood,detoxification Chest Pain, nausea, vomiting blood, urinating blood, stop thirsty, prolapse of hemorrhoids, injuries from fall
Bitter melon 19 1 0.1 3.2 clear heat,detoxification, improve eyesight polydipsia by fever, heatstroke, dysentery, pinkeye pain, erysipelas, malignant boil
Eggplant 21 1.1 0.2 3.6 clear heat, hemostasia, detumescence,acesodyne thermal and foremost tumor carbuncle, skin ulcers
Carrot 37 1 0.2 7.7 reinforce spleen, resolve stagnance Indigestion, chronic diarrhea ,cough
Cucumber 15 0.8 0.2 2.4 clear heat, diuresis, detoxification polydipsia,sore throat, scald burns
Scallion 30 1.7 0.3 5.2 activate Yang, detoxification,detumescence cold, constipation, carbuncle swelling,diarrhea
Garlic 126 4.5 0.2 26.5  eliminate stagnation, detoxification, insecticidal,  reduce cholesterol Cold and pain in abdomen, dysentery, whooping cough, carbuncle gangrene,snake bite. don't eat or eat less for gastritis
Alga 207 26.7 1.1 22.5 resolving hard lump, remove phlegm, diuresis,clear heat.
edema, dermatophytosis
Kelp 77 1.8 0.1 17.3 resolving hard lump, remove phlegm, diuresis,clear heat.
edema, dermatophytosis
Rabbit meat 102 19.7 2.2 0.9 tonify vita energy, cool blood,detoxification make thin, vomit by stomach heat, hemafecia
Oyster 73 5.3 2.1 8.2 tonify the five internal organs , nourish yin of blood insomnia, disturbed mind, weak
Pomfret 142 18.5 7.8 0 tonify Chi and blood, nourish stomach diarrhea by spleen weak, indigestion,pain in bones and muscles,numb in limbs,insomnia, forgetfulness
Apple 45 0.7 0.4 9.6 nourish heart, tonify Chi, moisture lung, improve body fluid,quench thirst clear summer heat, sober up, stimulate the appetitie, defecation
Grape 43 0.7 0.3 9.3 tonify Chi and blood, strengthen bones and muscles,diuresis weak in Chi and blood, cough by lung weak, night sweating, palpitation,rheumatism,edema
Pear 32 0.4 0.1 7.3 improve body fluid, quench thirst, moisture lung,remove dryness, lear heat, remove phlegm,nourish blood,sober up diseases caused by heat such as polydipsia, cough,sore throat and lost voice, pinkeye, turgescence and pain, defecation
Haw 95 0.5 0.6 22 digestion, tonify stomach,improve circulation of Qi, dissipate blood stasis meat food stagnation, stomach swollen pain, gore,colic,hyperlipidemia
Tea @ @ @ @ quench thirst, digest,remove phlegm,diuresis, improve eyesight, refresh, clear heat, detoxification, soften blood vessel, remove halitosis, lose weight, improve blood circulation, headache, hypnosia, vexed, thirst, food stagnation
Vinegar 31 2.1 0.3 4.9 dissipate blood stasis,hemostasia, jaundice, vomiting blood,swollen carbuncle
Medlar 258 13.9 1.5 47.2 tonify kidney,nourish liver, improve eyesight,aging deficiency of kidney and liver, Spermatorrhea, dizziness, polydipsia, chronic hepatitis, diabetes
Fleece flower root -- -- -- -- tonify liver and kidney,nourish blood, dispel wind-evil Deficiency of Yin of kidney, Blood deficiency, dizziness,waist and knee sore,bones and muscles ache, chronic hepatitis, pain swelling
Artemisiae -- -- -- -- clear heat, diuresis hygrothermal,jaundice,difficult urination
Tangerine peel -- -- -- -- smooth Chi, tonify  spleen,resolve phlegm, eliminating dampness abdominal tumescence, eat less,vomiting, cough, sputum, poisoned by fish or crab.

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