Pumpkin Dessert Recipe - Chinese Rice Pumpkin Shape Cake

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This pumpkin dessert recipe is prepared by steaming. The shape looks like pumpkin,too.

It mixes pumpkin with sticky rice powder, stuffed by red bean mud. The dessert Looks lovely and tastes smooth, soft. It's healthy Chinese dessert recipe.

Chinese Rice Pumpkin Dessert Recipe


1 cup pumpkin, chopped

2 cup sticky rice powder (the quantity you use depends on the dryness of the pumpkin)

1/2 cup red bean mud


1. Place pumpkin blocks in a heatproof bowl( don't add any water), steam till pumpkin becomes mud( about 20mins). Cool.

2. Pour pumpkin mud in a big bowl( throw away water or soup).  Add sticky rice powder while stir till becomes a dough.

3. Divide into 10 same size small dough. Take one, press on one hand, add red bean mud, seal, roll into pumpkin shape. Press several strips on the surface by a teaspoon. Insert a small part of spinach stem on the top. It looks like pumpkin stem. Repeat the rest.

4. Arrange on a heatproof plate, steam for 20mins. Serve.

Note: As the skin of the rice pumpkin dessert is sticky you may put some cooked soybean powder on the surface( yellow color).

If you use rice powder instead of sticky rice powder the cake won't be so sticky, but won't be so soft too.

Pumpkin Dessert Recipe

Beneficial Function: Small red bean helps to lose weight. Pumpkin prevents diabetes, slows  sugar and lipid absorption in the intestinal track.

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