Red Bean Dessert -Chinese Dessert

Red bean dessert is very popular Chinese desserts, Red bean dessert- Chinese dessert it may be a soup,a cake,or a small bun. Here is the recipes. Red bean paste is used in more different kinds of desserts.

Beneficial Function: Red bean is neutral nature. Eating red bean dessert helps to clear away heat toxin,promote diuresis and remove edema. So serving for long time will lose weight, but also remove body fluid (which is essential to our body).

Red bean contains more sugar and so tastes sweet. That's why it's used in dessert. But those we bought outside usually add lots of sugar. That's a bad news for you if you want to lose weight. However, you can add less sugar when you prepare it yourself and let it to become a real healthy dessert.

Red Bean Dessert Recipe (Soup and Cake)


1 cup red bean,

6 cup water

1/4 cup crystal sugar(or white sugar)

1/2 cup skin milk

1 cup coconut

a few threads of agar


1. Clean red bean. Add red bean and water in a cooker. Cook for 2 hours or till red bean breaks up.

2. Add crystal sugar,coconut milk and milk, bring to a boil. Turn off heat,set aside.

3. Add a cup of water in a saucepan,add agar. Stir constantly till agar melted.

4. Add red bean soup(don't need to pour all in if the soup is too much),stir evenly. Turn off heat, pour in deep plate. It'll become solidified after 15-30mins in room temperature.

5. Cut the shape you like and then arrange in a plate. Serve.

Red Bean Soup Dessert: If you want to make soup, at the above step 2 it already done. But don't add coconut milk at the moment. Scoop some soup in a small bowl. Pour some coconut milk on the top. Serve.

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