Mung Bean Dessert - Chinese Dessert

Mung bean dessert is healthy Chinese dessert. mung bean dessert recipe - Chinese dessert It can be a pie,a cake,a pudding,a soup or a porridge. Here are some Chinese dessert recipes for mung bean.

Mung bean is famous by its functions of clearing away heat and removing toxin. It's effective especially to remove summer heat. So it's widely used in summer dish. Mung bean is also a healthy food to lose weight as it helps to promote diuresis and remove edema.

Mung bean Dessert Recipe


1 cup mung bean,

6 cup water

1/4 cup crystal sugar(or white sugar)

1/2 cup skin milk

1 cup coconut or yogurt

agar, a few threads,or follow the instruction


1. Clean mung bean. Add mung bean and water in a cooker. Cook for 60mins or till mung bean breaks up and becomes soft. The mung bean skin will float on the surface. Remove them but don't throw away. They are most effective in clearing heat.

2. Add crystal sugar,coconut milk and milk, bring to a boil. Turn off heat,set aside.

3. Add a cup of water in a saucepan,add agar. Stir constantly till agar melted.

4. Add 1/4 mung bean soup,stir evenly. Turn off heat, pour in deep plate.(spray a lay of olive oil on the bottom of the plate). It'll become solidified pie after 15-30mins in room temperature. Repeat the rest mung bean soup to form the pies.

5. Put the pies on the chopping board. Cut the shape you like and then arrange in a plate. Serve.

Mung Bean Soup Dessert: If you want to make soup, at the above step 2 it already done. But don't add coconut milk at the moment. Scoop some soup in a small bowl. Pour some coconut milk on the top. Serve.

If you want to lose weight or clear away heat, the best recipe is to boil the mung bean,eat and drink when it's not too soft. Don't add any ingredients, or only add some yogurt. Don't throw away the skin.

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