Autumn Regimen- Health Tips

Health tips Autumn

In Chinese Lunar Calendar, autumn includes the 7th month, the 8th month and the 9th month.

In 2007, autumn is from August 8th to November 8th.

In 2012, autumn is from August 7th to November 6th.

Health Tips in Autumn

Spirit: Keep a tranquil mind, comfortable and pleasant mood and feelings. Abandon sad feelings and avoid the cold air. Restrain your expression and manner. All these are adapted to the containing and calm atmosphere of autumn.

Living: Go to sleep earlier to adapt convergence of Yang. Get up earlier to stretch Chi in the lung, preventing too much convergence.

Exercise: According to your own body condition, take part in variety of sport activities to prevent cold.

Diet: In autumn, it's dry and our lung is easy to be hurt. So we should eat foods that help to protect and moisten the lung, promoting the production of saliva, and nourishing Yin. We should drink more plain water, light tea, soymilk, porridge, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Don't eat or don't eat too much pungent, very sweet, oily or deep-fried food.

The following foods are suitable to eat in autumn.

Lily: Moistening the lung, clearing away heart fire (inflammation), soothing the nerve, eliminating fatigue and relieving a cough.

Yam: It’s a tonic, better served with other foods. Yam nourishes the lung and regulates stomach and spleen.

White haricot: White haricot porridge or soup helps to eliminate summer-left heat, remove summer dampness, invigorate spleen and stomach, and increase appetite.

Lotus root: A very good food in autumn. It helps to clear away heat (reduce inflammation), promote production of saliva, quench thirst, invigorate spleen, stimulate appetite and benefit blood.

Chestnut: Invigorating spleen, nourishing stomach, tonifying kidney, and strengthening bone.

Walnuts: It helps to tonify kidney, reduce nocturnal emission, warm up lung, smooth breath, benefit Qi, nourish blood, moisten dryness, lubricate intestines.

Peanuts: Peanut in late autumn is mature. Don’t fry in oil. Poach, or make soup after mashed into powder. Chinese date: Fresh Chinese date in Autumn is light tonic for nourishing yin, moistening dryness, benefit lung and reinforce Chi(vital energy).

In addition, pear, water chestnut, Jellyfish, carrot, radish(daikon), Shepherdspurse(Ji Cai) , mushroom, kelp, tomato, tofu, white fungus, rabbit meat, chicken meat and duck meat are suitable to eat in autumn.

In deep autumn, you can eat some light tonic foods and herbs such as Chinese date, Lotus seed, yam, lily, goji berry, tuber fleece flower.

Deep Breathing Fitness Method in Autumn

First step-Creating saliva

Every morning, after washing, hunker quietly in a peaceful room, close eyes.

The upper teeth peruse the lower teeth 36 times.

The tongue slides along the gum in the mouth until the mouth is full of saliva.

Gargle several times with the saliva, swallow in 3 times, imaging the saliva is sent to the abdomen (around area centered navel).

Second step- Deep breath

Rest a while, deep breath 30times.

When breathing in, the tongue licks the palate, breath in from the nose, imaging the breathed Qi is sent to the pubic region.

When breathing out, breathe out slowly from the mouth, speaking silently "Sai" but don't speak out.

Insisting on this fitness method in autumn will protect your lung and be good to your health.

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