Summer Regimen

Here is some summer regimen tips. In summer we should protect Yang in our body from too much leaking out. We should eat foods which help to promote our body fluid production to quench thirst, clear heat and detoxification, relax our mind and clear away our heart fire, benefit Chi,nourish Yin. Don't eat too much raw and cold food as this will hurt our Yang in spleen.

What we should in summer regimen

1. Our appetite reduces in summer, so the functions of our spleen and stomach respond slow. We should eat simple and insipidit food.

2. Should eat foods which help to promote the production of body fluid to quench thirst, clear heat and detoxification, benefit Chi and nourish Yin, such as mung bean, lotus leaf, tomato, lotus seed, balsam pear, white gourd, loolaf, cucumber, strawberry, eggplant, amaranth, water shield, etc.

3. In deep summer, we should use foods to tonify our body which can help us to relax our mind( clear away our heart fire and tranquilization) such as lily, lotus seed, lotus nut(the green part), malt and Chinese date,etc.

4. Plan yourself a reasonable diet structure, such as arranging appropriate rate of whole grain and refined grain for your daily meal.

Three meals should arranged as 2 meals for eating more foods containing water(such as soup, congee), and 1 meal for eating food containing less water. For example:

   Breakfast: Bread or steamed bread, soymilk or milk.

   Lunch: Steamed rice.

   Dinner: congee.

Arrange reasonable ratio of meat/fish and vegetables. Take vegetables as main dish, meat or fish as supplement.

Meat includes lean pork, beef,duck meat and fish,shrimp.

Old people are better to take fish as main meat/fish, lean pork,beef and duck meat as supplement.

5. Appropriately eating more bitter and acid food.

6. Daily protein intake should be about 70-90g, most of which should be easy to be digested and ingested high quality protein such as fish,shrimp, lean pok, chicken,duck meat, egg, milk,bean and bean product.

7. Should eat more foods containing Potassium such as shallot, celery, soybean, strawberry, almond, lichi, plum,and peach. This will avoid tiredness,weakness, dizziness and bad appetite.

8. Should eat more millet,bean, lean pork, egg yolk,date, mushroom, laver,pear,ect. to supplement the lost Vitamin C,B1,B2.

What we shouldn't in summer regimen?

1. Shouldn't eat too much raw and cold food such as cold drinks.(Avoid hurt Yang in spleen).

2. Shouldn't eat irregularly, shouldn't eat to satiety or make yourself too hungry.

3. Shouldn't eat sticky and greasy foods which obstruct stomach and indigest.

4. Shouldn't eat too much milk( too much high quality protein will affect calcium intake).

   Shouldn't eat too much fruits.

5. Don't take drinks as water.There is much heat in drinks which will cause obesity without pay attetion. Further more, eating too much drinks will affect water intake,thus will cause bad influence to our health.

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