Spring Regimen

About regimen in spring.

In Chinese Lunar Calendar, 2008 Spring starts from Febuary 4th 2008,ends at May 4th 2008. It'll last for 3 months.

Spring is the start of four seasons. When Spring comes in, Yang Qi in the nature world grows and develops. Everything revives. Accordingly, Yang Qi in human body also disperses and develops upward and outward.

So, in spring,we should grasp the feature of Qi's rising, developing, and relaxing, protect Yang Qi in our body. Continus to invigorate,and get strong gradually. Avoid any situation that hurt Yang Qi and cumber Yang Qi.

Spirit Regimen

Spring belongs to wood,liver in our body also belongs to wood. So liver is active in spring. While liver likes coordination and through, disliking dumps. Thus, we should keep open-minded, optimistic, and uplifting mood, avoiding anger.

  • Obstain from anger: Learn to control your temper. When you become anger and are going to quarrel with others remind yourself in time controlling your anger using your mind power.
  • Convey and disperse bad mood: By appropriate means, vent out the bad mood accumulated and depressed in the heart, resuming psychological balance as soon as possible.
  • Training cheerful personality, and maintain the spirit of happiness

Living Regimen

In spring, it changes great in weather. Sometimes it's cold and sometimes warm. Meantime,muscle and viscus in our body loosen,and so cold and diseases resistance reduce. So it's better not to change clothes from thick to thin at the early spring. Swear thick on lower part of the body while thin on upper part.

In spring,our blood and QI(Vital energy) also need smooth and through. This requires us to sleep at night and get up earlier, taking part in outdoor sport actively and regularly.

Diet Regimen

Eat some foods which warm and nourish Yang QI,such as shallot,garlic, leek, garland chrysanthemum, etc. 

In spring,liver is active. Sour taste food acts on liver,which has function of covergence. This is not good for the growth and development of Yang Qi,nor to the Qi's convey and disperse in liver.

So eat less sour taste food in spring. While eat more pungent food to nourish Yang, and sweat food to invigorate spleen and protect stomach.

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