Panax Notoginseng Recipe

Panax Notoginseng (San Qi in Chinese) can be used in cancer diet Recipe.

It has the function of promoting blood circulation,removing blood stasis, subduing swelling,relieving pain and resisting cancer,etc.

a. Notoginseng Powder with Lotus Root Powder Soup


10g  Panax Notoginseng powder

100g lotus root powder


1. Mix the two powder. Divide into two same size. Wrap in white paper. Set aside.

2. When eating,put one bag powder in a cup. Add a little cold water, stir evenly.

3. Pour in just boiled water, stir well. Serve when it becomes warm.

Serve Method: Serve 2 bags each day.

Beneficial Function: To promote blood circulation,arrest bleeding and resist cancer. Suitable for intestine cancer patients who have blood in their stool or have dark blood.

b. Notoginseng with Garlic Paste


10g Panax Notoginseng powder

50g garlic(Pink color peel is best)


1. Grind garlic. Put in a bowl.

2. Add Notoginseng powder, stir into paste. Add some water if dry.

Serving Method: Serve in the morning and in the evening. 2 times a day.

Beneficial Function: To promote blood circulation and the circulation of Qi,resist cancer and relieve pain.

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