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how to cure a cold
Stop a cold within 24 hours

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How to cure a cold in winter?

What Should I do if I caught a cold?

When you get a cold, or when you have symptoms such as feel cold, headache, dizzy, fatigue, sore, or sore throat or running nose, etc., taking action as soon as possible can help you to stop a cold quickly and efficiently.

You don't need to see a doctor or take any medicine after knowing how to treat a cold.

1. Get rid of the cold evil

At the beginning if you can remove the pathogenic cold factor out of your body you'll get well soon. Drink ginger and brown sugar tea, chicken soup, and warm water. Don't be afraid to go to washroom and make yourself sweat. Sometimes if you didn't get well, it's because the coldness wasn't driven out of your body. Sweating can get them off. After eating foods which can warm up you, sweating is important. While no water, no sweating. So drinking enough liquid, especially warm plain water is necessary.

Another sweating method is to soak your feet in warm-hot water. Preparing a deep basin, add some warm-hot water. Massage your feet. Add more water if the water is cool. Drink Ginger and Brown Sugar tea at the same time. Within twenty minutes you should begin to sweat.

Remember, don't expose yourself to cold weather or cold temperature if you get sweat. Rub and let the sweat disappear slowly in warm room. Better lie down on bed.

If you have sore throat, add a little salt in the warm water or soup. Light salt warm water can relieve the pain.

If you have cough, add 3 or 4 cloves of garlic in the water or soup, and cooked.

If you ache all over, that means you have heavy cold-wet in your body. Add more ginger flakes and drink more ginger brown sugar tea.

2. Enough rest and sleep

Once you have cold symptoms, you'd better take a rest at once. This is the key point to relieve symptoms and get well.

What should I do if I get fever after attacked by cold

If you feel hot or get fever you should check your hands and feet. If your hands and feet are cold you should continue drinking Ginger and Brown Sugar tea with scallion added in. Scallion white helps to sweat. In the meantime continue drinking lots of warm water. If your hands and feet are hot too, stop drinking ginger tea, only drink warm water instead. Most of the time the fever happens at night. Try to drink warm water as much as possible, which is necessary to sweat. But many people are afraid to go to washroom, so they wouldn't like to drink warm water. But no enough water intake will no seat, and no cool down.

3. The second day

Whether or not you can recovery well from the cold, the second day is very important. By the first day's urgent cold removing action, you'll feel weak and tired on the second day. If your tongue is still white, continue drinking ginger tea. Otherwise, don't need.

At this time your stomach and spleen are weak. Don't eat raw/cold and greasy food which is difficult to be digested. Eat rice congee with some cooked pickle or vegetables. Or light soup with warm and soft bread. You can eat some hard boiled or steamed egg.

Some friends think they need supplement after attacked by cold. From the second day they begin to eat much protein and high calorie foods. That's not correct. They don't know that this will cause heat accumulation inside the body, affecting the recovery, or even cause fever.

From the third day, you can add some bread, tofu, and some light cooked lean meat. Porridge and light soup are still good and necessary foods.

In one word, curing a cold is easy. Remember four things: take action fast, enough water, enough rest and eating less and light.

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