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Boost metabolism while
keep warm in winter

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Boost metabolism and keep warm in winter.

Sometimes these are two contrary aspects.

In winter, we tend to eat more and eat more butter, cream and cheese which can keep us warm. The result is weight gain and feeling indigestive. This is a bad circle. Eating more greasy food tends to drink iced water and juice. Iced water and juice hurts your stomach and causes cold feeling. This leads to you eating more high calorie food.

Let's make it into good circle.

Eat more light soup and porridge. Eat more cooked vegetables, especially root vegetables. Avoid iced drinks, limiting raw food and cold food intake. These food will cause cold in your body, which will aggregate your cold feeling. Prepare some mixed beans, bulgur, brown rice as staple at each meal.

Light soup and porridge can warm us up. So we won't crave for greasy food. Food loaded with butter, cream, and all kinds of oil are easy to cause extreme thirst, which leads to cold/iced drinks craves. Eat more cooked vegetables. This will not only increase fiber and vitamins intake but also moist you. We'll not feel thirst. Good carbs can prevent us from craving cookies and dessert.

Eat some foods that help to boost metabolism

a. White radish or daikon, or turnip: White radish is the best. It removes grease and toxin, and improve digestion. White radish can be used in soup, stewed with beef, pork, and other vegetables. When served for digestion, you can eat in raw like fruit. After dinner, eating several pieces of radish chips is a good habit, especially in winter.

b. Hawthorn berry: This small acid food is usually used in Chinese medicine for boosting metabolism. They taste very very sour. Some people cannot stand it. You can add in salad, or boil with some sweet fruit or vegetables such as pear, beetroot, etc. A Chinese medicine Hawthorn Ball is made of hawthorn, malt, red yeast rice and honey. It's used to treat food stagnation.

c. Vinegar: None of us would drink much pure vinegar. It'll hurt our stomach. But we can add it in our dishes, especially vegetable salad.

Help digestion by massage

a. Massage your abdomen in circles.

Lie down flat. Relax. Place your right palm on the belly button with left hand on the right hand. Take belly button as the center. Circle your hands slowly clockwise 30 times. From smaller circles to bigger ones. Repeat counter-clockwise 30 times. From bigger circles to smaller ones.

This can be done after meals or any time you feel food stagnated.

By medium strength.

b. Massage your face and the ZuSanLi acupuncture point

Massage your cheek slightly by hands after meals. This will promote the secretion of digestive enzyme.

Press ZuSanLi acupuncture point

ZuSanLi is one of the point of the stomach meridians. It is used in therapy of poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, insomnia, and fatigue. Press or beat slightly by fist ZuSanLi will increase digestion.

Locate the ZuSanLi point:

Below the knee, there is a dent on the lateral of patella. From that dent point, about three inches,( or about 4 finger widths). One finger breadth (middle finger) from the anterior crest of the tibia. See below picture.

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