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How to Prevent Cold and Cough in Winter

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To prevent cold and cough in winter is not difficult, there are several rules- go to sleep early, put on thick clothes on time, eat congee or soup often. At last there is an important rule.

In late autumn and winter, people are always bothered by cold and cough. They come and go, or come again, or won't go away sometimes. In fact, cold and cough can be prevented by healthy life style and proper diet. When it gets colder and colder, do the followings:

- Going to sleep earlier. If you don't have sufficient rest your healthy Qi (immune system) is weak and easy to be attacked by cold evil.( We learned in our newsletter about pathogenic cold evil).

- Put on thick clothes on time.

- Don't drink iced water/juice.

- Don't eat too much raw and cold food. If you eat cold drinks or food, your lung and stomach will become cold. When you are exposed to the cold environment, you are easy to be caught by pathogenic cold and begin to cough.

- Often eat congee/porridge or soup at breakfast and dinner.

In winter if you don't obey the above rule - Sleep very less hours or even stay overnight often, swear the same clothes as that in summer for beauty purpose, eat many raw/cold foods and drink iced water/juice, I'm 99.9% sure that you'll get cold sooner or later.

There is another very important rule to avoid being attacked by pathogenic coldness. When the weather drops to very low temperature suddenly someday, and you feel caught by cold, or in any case when you feel uncomfortable because of coldness, drink Ginger and Brown Sugar Soup as soon as possible. And go to sleep earlier. It's obvious that the cold evil is on the surface of your body at the beginning. It's easy to be removed by drinking hot soup or tea. If the cold evil goes into viscera and organs, it would be difficult to be cured, or even cause other healthy issue.

I saw many people shared and complained about their cold and cough on internet. If they paid much attention to the cold prevention and took action once being attacked by the cold, they wouldn't have suffered so much pain.

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