Soup Dumpling Recipe

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This Soup Dumpling Recipe is traditional Shanghai style. If you feel complicated you may come to learn. The wrapper should be thin and soft. The fillings should be fine and solved in the mouth. The soup inside is made of pure pigskin, not oil, fat, or meat.

Soup Dumpling Recipe


Making pigskin jelly


250g pigskin

1-2 aniseeds大料

1 tablespoon Chinese prickly ash 花椒

Chinese green onion, a small section

1 tablespoon Rice wine

1 teaspoon salt



1. Wash pigskin, remove dirty part.

2. Boil for about 15mins. Remove fat after cool.

Rub and wash in hot water several times till the pigskin is very clean

(ignore this step if the pig skin is clean without fat meat.)

3.Place cleaned pigskin, aniseeds, Chinese prickly ash, rice wine, salt in the pot.

Add water covering it. (about how much water- add 2-3 times water if using normal water; add 1-2 times water if using pressure cooker)

 Cook for 2:30-3 hours(or one hours in a pressure cooker) in low heat.

4. Remove all ingredients. Pour the soup in a big bowl or basin.

  Let it solidified in room temperature (around 15 degree centigrade).

  Then put in a fridge.

Making fillings



500g ground pork

1 tablespoon sesame seeds

1 tablespoon sesame oil

1 tablespoon rice wine

1/4 teaspoon salt



1 piece of Chinese green onion

2-3 ginger chips

2-3 garlic cloves



1. Boil the Seasoning (chinese onion, ginger, garlic) in a pot(or wok), cool.

2. Ground sesame seeds into powder by a rolling pin.

3. Chop ground pork till very fine and sticky.

4. Add in Seasoning soup, sesame seeds powder, rice wine and salt. Sprinkle sesame oil. Mix well.

5. Take out pigskin jelly, cut into very fine pieces. Mix with ground pork

6. Store in fridge for at least 15mins.


Making wrapper


200g wheat flour, all purpose

100g water or vegetable juice

1 pinch of salt



1. Mix wheat flour and water, add a pinch of salt, knead into dough.

(Slowly and step by step when adding water)

2. Let dough rest 15mins. Knead 5-10mins.

3. Repeat step 2 one more time.


How to make dough soft:

1. You may let the dough rest for 1-2 hours.

2. You may divide the powder into two parts: one is mixed with warm water, the rest is mixed with cold water. After rest, mix them together.

Making soup dumpling

1. Take a dough about 56g(less than 64g, can make 8 small dough, each 7g), knead into long strip. Cut into 7 same size small dough.( for a beginner you also can make each at 9-10g).

2. Press a small dough in a palm(press on the trace direction).

  According to “press, backward, and move” three steps to roll a wrapper.

3. Repeat all the rest pieces of small dough.

4. Put a wrapper in a palm. Add about 1 teaspoon fillings, press and firm.

Hold it in the right hand; the thumb and finger of the left hand knead and make wrinkles, moving to the right direction(clocksize); The thumb and finger of right hand push forward to the left side(anti-clocksize). Seal at last.

Note: For a learner you may add less fillings.

5. After wrapping about 15 soup dumplings. You can cook.


Cook soup dumpling


Arrange raw dumpling on a tray of a steamer. Steam for 8-9mins. Stay for 2mins. Serve.

Eating Soup Dumpling

Carefully take in a plate. Bite a little, let the soup out. Drink soup, then eat the rest dumpling.

You may serve with rice vinegar.

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