Tomato and Egg Recipes

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Tomato and Egg is a good combination. Tomato nourishes Yin, clears heat and promotes production of body fluid. You'll feel moisture and cool after eating fresh tomato. Egg promotes Yang Qi and nourishes our body. Tomato with egg together provide us Yin Yang balance nutrition. It's a comfortable food.
For the taste, egg compromise tomato's acid flavor while tomato absorb egg's grease and fragrance. The whole dish promotes your appetite, tasting delicious, refresh and comfortable.

Popular Tomato and egg foods are Tomato with Fried Egg, Tomato Egg Soup, Stir Fried Tomato with Egg and Noodle, Tomato Egg Noodle Soup.
Tomato with Fried Egg is a very popular Chinese homemade dish. All most everyone loves it. In China if you said you know how to cook (Chinese food) your friends will ask you what dish you can cook. If your answer is Tomato with Fried Egg, I bet they'll laugh. Why? Because Stir Fried Tomato with Egg is the first dish you should learn when you begin to learn cooking. That means you are at the entry level in cooking.
Mixed cooked noodle and Tomato with Fried Egg, it's Tomato Egg Noodle dish.

You can add other vegetables in Stir Fried Tomato with Egg such as tofu, potato, bitter melon, bok choy, cabbage, etc. All foods are delicious because of the Tomatoes and Eggs.
Tomato Egg Soup is more popular in north of China. It's usually served at end of a meal, especially when your main entry is dry or greasy. The last bite of soup will make you feel refresh and very comfortable.
Adding cooked noodle, the dish will become Tomato Egg Noodle Soup. However, I'll show you my family's traditional cooking way.See here.
Tomatoes and Eggs are so common food in our kitchen. But they bring us health as well as the satisfaction of our taste bud.

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