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Pork Bone Soup Recipe and Benefit

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Pork bone soup is very popular as a supplement in winter, especially in north of China. Pork Spine Soup is the best. What benefit can we get from this soup?

The most effective cure is to remove itch. When you feel itch all over, or have much scurf suddenly, or feel skin dry suddenly, try Pork bone soup. You can see the result within one or two days.

Chinese medicine holds that symptoms such as itch and dry skin, and scurf are caused by blood deficiency (Yin deficiency)or because the blood is too hot. It also thinks that pork nourishes Yin and supplements blood. That's the reason why Pork Bone Soup can reduce the above symptoms. Of course, patients shouldn't eat stimulating food such as hot&spicy dishes during treatment.

I heard a lot about the efficiency of this soup. Several people around me benefited from it. This winter I myself testified its power. I slept late for several days last month. Early this month I felt itch and didn't know where came so much scurf. Then I thought of Pork Bone Soup. I bought materials, cooked, and drank. I felt better on the 2nd day.

Below is the recipe. Besides ginger and onion, I didn't add hot seasonings such as chili, star anise, and cassia peel as they'll cause heat(inflammation). I used daikon radish. Reason one is that radish can remove strange smell from pork and add flavor; the second one is that radish helps to remove fat and regulate metabolism.

I should mention that the soup is very delicious. The meat is soft and tender after one hour simmer. A piece of meat attached on a bone is more tasty than other part of meat. The combination of radish and coriander produced a unique flavor.

Pork Bone with Radish Soup

Preparation time: 70mins


300g pork bone with meat attached (pork spine best, pork chop and pork rib are also ok.)

250g daikon radish

A handful coriander

2 pieces of green onion (or 2 layer onion)

2 ginger chips

2 tablespoon rice wine

1 teaspoon soy sauce

1/2 teaspoon salt


1. If the pork spine is too big, chop into bite size pieces.

Cut daikon radish into small blocks.

2. Add pork spine in a pot with cold water covering it.

Bring to a boil. Take the pork to a bowl. Throw away the water.

3. Put the pork spine back to the pot, add warm water, cover the pork.

Add radish, green onion, ginger, rice wine and soy sauce.

4. Bring to a boil, cover. Simmer for 60mins in low heat.

5. Add salt, continue to boil for 10mins in medium heat.

6. Spread some coriander on the top. Turn off heat, serve.

Serving method: Eat meat and drink soup. One small bowl each time. 2 or 3 times each day.


1. Must buy bone attached meat.

2. Must add enough water (cover the pork). During simmer, don't often take away the lid and add this or add that.

3. Simmer means very low heat, just to maintain bubbles. If you set higher heat, the meat will become hard. The soup will evaporate soon.

Note: Pork Bone Soup contains some fat, so don't continue eating for more than three days.

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