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Chinese Cooking Classes in Shanghai area

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Variety Chinese cooking classes tailored for you in Shanghai! Homemade, traditional, easy, healthy, or restaurant dishes you loved.

Welcome to Join Anna’s Healthy Chinese Cooking Class. We have the following categories:

A. Healthy Chinese Cooking Classes

I. In the Class, you’ll learn how to cook traditional Chinese food from scratch but take out all the unhealthy factors.

  • No MSG
  • No Deep fry
  • Less Oil
  • Less Salt

II. Meanwhile, you’ll learn how to prepare restaurants foods in Quick and Easy way.

III.You’ll learn Chinese eating culture and Chinese diet and food therapy.

  • History and stories behind each dish
  • Benefit and therapeutic function of each food.

There are Seven sections each year. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can keep health if we pick seasonal foods in different seasons. Below are these sections:

1. Healthy Chinese Cooking Classes for Early Spring
2. Healthy Chinese Cooking Classes for Late Spring
3. Healthy Chinese Cooking Classes for Early Summer
4. Healthy Chinese Cooking Classes for Late Summer
5. Healthy Chinese Cooking Classes for Early Autumn
6. Healthy Chinese Cooking Classes for Late Autumn
7. Healthy Chinese Cooking Classes for Winter - easy holiday Chinese Food

Three dishes will be prepared in each class. These three dishes consist of a meal plan.

  • One dish contains rice/noodle/bread and various vegetables;
  • One dish contains meat/fish;
  • One dish is vegetarian food.

B. Chinese Dim Sum (Dessert) Cooking Classes

You’ll learn all kinds of Chinese dumplings, steamed buns, pancakes, rice cakes, mooncake, Zong Zi, Guangzhou dimsum, etc.

2 or 3 different dim sums (desserts) will be prepared for each class.

C. Chinese Vegetarian Cooking Classes

Vegetarian cooking occupies a big part in Chinese cuisine. Large various vegetables are included in authentic homemade Chinese cooking. Do you want to learn some new vegetarian cooking tips? Come and join my Chinese Vegetarian Cooking Class.

This will be arranged during late spring, summer, or early autumn if most students prefer vegetarian cooking.

D. Special Request for Chinese Cooking Classes

We'll discuss the details and schedule by email, phone or face to face if you the following situations.

a.Some friends want to learn several special dishes. For example, if you only want to learn Yu Xiang Jisi, Kong Pao Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, etc.; 

b. Gluten Free Cooking

c. Weightloss Cooking

d. With health conditions such as heart diseases, diabetics, high blood pressure, hyperlipedimia,etc.

Agenda of each class:

a. Visiting Fresh Market nearby(option).

b. Sharing health tips at the first 5-10 minutes.

c. You follow me to do preparation including cutting, making seasonings and sauces.

(Sharing cooking tips, food features, stories, and therapeutic function during preparation).

d. You follow me to cook food.

e. Tasting the food you cooked.

f. Continue another two dishes. Repeat the above b,c,d steps.

For upcoming event and venue, please Click here.

If you have any question, contact us at 13816719810(phone), or fill the registration form below please.

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