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Cooking Class Shanghai Forum
What kind of Cooking Class should I go?

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Cooking class shanghai forum. You must know what's your purpose to learn Chinese cooking before you decide which classes and courses you should attend.

Professional Chinese cooking schools have restrict requirements on many basic cooking skills such as cutting, stir fry, deep fry, etc. The main purpose for cooking school is to train chefs for restaurants. In restaurants the shapes and colors of dishes are important. So Chinese chefs often use deep fry skill to keep food in good shape and bright colors. Chinese chefs intend to use MSG and more salt to highlight the flavor. But these are what healthy cooking should avoid. The following people are suitable to learn in professional culinary school:

a. Some friends who want to become chefs;

b. Some western food chefs who want to learn Chinese cuisine;

c. Some foreign friends who want to see what is professional Chinese cuisine.

Anna's Healthy Chinese Cooking Class is home style healthy Chinese cooking class. No deep fry, no MSG, and turn complicated procedures into easily followed several steps. We pick fresh natural food, cooking from scratch. You can cook at once after going back home. Some dishes are traditional home made. You won't find them in restaurants. If it's small group, we'll cook at residential apartment. You can experience real Chinese people cooking life.

If you are with health conditions such as celiac disease, heart disease, or diabetic, we'll fully communicate with you and arrange foods and cooking methods tailored for you.

Anna's Healthy Chinese Cooking Classes are suitable for the following friends:

a. Some friends who want to learn healthy quick easy Chinese food cooking;

b. Some friends who want to learn homemade traditional Chinese food cooking;

c. Some friends who want to learn Chinese food therapy cooking;

d. Some friends who want to experience real Chinese family cooking culture;

e. Some friends who want to have a fun cooking in a relaxed environment;

f. Some friends who want to learn Chinese gluten free cooking;

g. Some friends who want to learn heart healthy cooking, or cooking for diabetics,high blood pressure people.

h. Some friends who want to learn cooking weight loss.


Let's see what our friends say about our cooking classes:

Chinese Cooking Classes pictures

I am Nacho from Barcelona chef in vegetarian restaurant. It was a beautiful experience cooking with Anna and your friend authentic cooking from China.

                                                -- Nacho, Spain

It's so fun and the food is delicious. The teacher is patient and guide clearly.

                                                  -- Sharon, USA

he dumpling making is cool. I can make different color Jiao Skin.

                                                   -- Linda, USA

The fish soup can be cooked in such short time! And it's simple and delicious!

                                                   -- Diana, USA

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