Mung Bean with Lily Bulb Congee
Remove summer heat

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Green Mung Bean with Lily Bulb Congee, cool summer recipes
mung bean with lily bulb congee, remove summer heat

Mung bean with Lily Bulb Congee is very popular heat removing homemade dessert in summer in Shanghai.


In late summer we become more and more impatient to the hot and damp weather. We become vexed. Some people even cannot sleep very well.


Mung Bean is the best food to remove summer heat while lily bulb can soothe the nerve as well as clear away heat. The combination of the two foods will help us to remove extra heat in our body and bring us a clear mind.


Further more, lily bulb moisten the lung which is prevention to autumn cough.  


This congee tastes smooth with a texture of mashed potato. You can put in fridge and serve as dessert.

Mung bean with Lily Bulb Congee Recipe


1/3 cup mung bean

2  lily bulb, fresh or 1/2 cup dried lily bulb

1/4 cup white rice(option)



1. Wash and clean mung bean, white rice, and lily bulb.

Peel lily bulb layer and layer. You can leave the core part.

2. Add about 10 cups of water in a pot.

  Bring to a boil; add mung bean, lily bulb and white rice.

3. Bring to a boil again. Turn to low heat.

  Continue to cook for about 40 to 50 minutes.

4. Turn off heat, serve after cool.



1.     Adding some white rice can make this congee smoother and more flavor, but not necessary.

2.     It’s better to be served in room temperature. However, you can add some sugar or honey and put in a fridge. Then serve as a dessert.

3.     If you cannot find fresh lily bulb you may buy dried one. Please note, there are two kinds of lily bulb from taste, bitter flavor and sweet flavor. The bitter one has the function of clearing away heat. So you should choose lily bulb with bitter flavor in summer.

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