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Fatty Liver Types and Symptoms

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Types and symptoms of  fatty liver diseas.  According to the severity and evolution of the disease, fatty liver has  three stages, or three types- mild, moderate, and severety. The following describes their characters and related symptoms.

Mild  Fatty Liver. Fat makes about 10%-15% of the weight of the liver. Simple accumulation of fat. Liver functions work well. No obvious symptoms, or very mild  symptoms as followings:

  • No appetite, fatigue, uncomfortable or painful hepatic region;
  • Vomit, nausea;
  • Slightly hepatomegaly
  • Spider angioma;
  • Vitamin deficiency such as peripheral neuritis, glossitis, angular cheilitis, ecchymosis

Most fatty liver disease is caused by improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle. It can be controlled and cured at the early stage. However, as it has no obvious symptoms at this stage, many patients ignored even if they are diagnosed and warned by the doctors. So they missed the opportunity to cure the disease by adjustment of lifestyle.

Moderate Fatty Liver. Fat makes about 10%-20% of the weight of the liver. A large quantity of fat cause chronic inflammation in liver cell, leading to necrosis and fibrosis in liver, liver dysfunction, and often accompanied by steatohepatitis. The following is the symptoms in this stage.

  • Digestive track symptoms such as no appetite, indigestion, diarrhea, abdomen distention, nausea, etc.
  • Fatigue, fever;
  • Pressing pain in right upper abdomen;
  • Slightly hepatomegaly and pain when touch.

Severe Fatty Liver. Fat makes above 25% of the weight of the  liver, or even get to 40% to 50%  in this stage. Cirrhosis occurs and the function of the liver never works properly. It's the result of many years of liver damage. Patients have  following symptoms.

  • Nausea, vomit, aversion to oil, or upper abdomen distention.
  • Uncomfortable or pain  hepatic region;
  • Slightly jaundice

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