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Fatty Liver Prevention

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How to prevent non-alcohol fatty liver disease 

To prevent fatty liver you need to eat appropriate portion, keep balanced diet, pick right low heat energy food, and do enough sport activities.

Adjust diet structure.

Carbohydrate: 45-65% - Avoid white rice and white bread, take whole grain, vegetables, fruit.

Protein: 10-35% - Take lean meat, fish, egg, beans.

Fat: 20-35%- Avoid saturated fat, take appropriate olive oil, sesame oil,nut.

Pick low heat energy food:

Foods with warm energy: lamb, beef, chicken, venison, cheese, etc

Foods with cold or cool energy: duck, some fish and seafood, rabbit, most vegetables and fruits.

Take right cooking method:

These ways can produce heat: Roast, grill, long time cooked soup.

These are mild way: Steam, boil, stew.

And at last, don't forget appropriate exercise. Fatty liver disease is a reversible disease. I heard many stories about curing fatty liver by right diet and regular exercise. One of my friend cured his fatty liver by playing pingpong.

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