Home Remedies for Cold

There are lots of home remedies for cold. When the cold is not serious or on the early stage, you may try cold alternative treatment but not go for medication. Usually for common colds,you can find right food to cure them. Here we introduced some recipes. They also can be used to prevent a cold or as an assistant treatment for flu,swine flu (H1N1).

Scallion White and White Radish Drink

15g scallion white,30g white radish,3g coriander.

Add 500ml water,decoct 15mins. Drink soup with warm.

Used as a remedy at early stage of cold.

Used as an assistant during medication of cold and flu.

2 times a day. Continue to drink 3-5 day or till symptoms disappear.

Ginger with Mint Drink

3g Mint leave,3g ginger, 3g Chinese date

Cut ginger into thread, remove Chinese date kernel.

Add in tea cup together with mint.

Pour in 200-300ml boiling water. Brew 5-10mins with cover.

Drink with warm.

Drink for preventing cold. For example,when you are exposed in a cold environment accidentally such as suddenly rain, drink a cup of ginger tea will prevent cold effectively.

Used as a remedy for relieving cold symptoms.

Cure cold at the early stage.

Mulberry leaf with Chrysanthemum and Reed Rhizome(Lu Gen)

3g mulberry leaves,3g chrysanthemum,10g reed rhizome

Add 500ml water,decoct 20mins. Drink soup.

Drink as tea. Continue to drink 3-5days.

Suitable for cold in summer.(Attacked by heat).

Mint with Pear Porridge

3g mint leaf, 1 pear, 6 Chinese date(kernel removed), 50g rice

Cook rice into porridge. In the meantime cut pear into small pieces.

Add pear,mint and Chinese date in a pot. Add 200ml water,cook 20-30mins. Filter,reserve the soup.

Add soup in the porridge,bring to a boil. Serve with warm.

2 times a day.

Suitable for those who have a dry throat or cough.

herba houttuyniae salad (Yu Xing Chao)


30-60g fresh herba houttuyniae

Boil in water. Take out.Add in garlic,vinegar and sesame oil, mix well. Serve as side dish.

Function: To improve anti-disease ability,relieve cough.

Purslane Salad

30-60g fresh purslane

Boil in water. Take out. Add in garlic,vinegar and sesame oil, mix well. Serve as side dish.

Function: To cure diarrhea caused by heat and dampness. To sterilize and eliminate inflammation.

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