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Chinese vegetarian food in restaurant

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Chinese vegetarian food restaurants are very small part. There are only about 20 in Shanghai and about 30 in Beijing, compared with total more than 30,000 restaurants.

I seldom go to vegetarian restaurants as most dishes are oily.

Last month I ate in a vegetarian restaurant with friends. All foods are delicious. Imitation chicken tasted like real chicken; imitation beef tasted like real beef. They have imitation Sweet&Sour Pork Rib. When I ate a piece of "meat" I bit a piece of "pork bone". Later I realized it was a piece of hard vegetable stem! Take a look what we ate.

It's regret that I didn't take a picture for Sweet&Sour Pork Rib.

I like this dish most. It imitates a popular dish Steamed bun and Pork with mixed vegetables. The steamed bun is made of buckwheat flour and whole wheat flour.There is a hole in the center. When serving take some meat and vegetables in the hole, then eat together. Pork flavor, tasty!

Yam with blueberry sauce. Really healthy dish.

Sichuan Beef. One of my friend's favorite. It was made of soy protein and black mushroom.

Imitates a popular dish Jiao Hua Ji, chicken wrapped in lotus leaves and mud,baked. Orinally from HangZhou. Made of soy protein. More tofu flavor than chicken flavor.

Stir fried celery with algea. The algea is said to be very precious, from South Pole.

Quick stir fry ablone chips in XO sauce. Not real ablone but made of soy protein and ablone mushroom. Tasty.


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