Taoism Wellness - Mind, Personality and Spirit

The Taoism wellness pursuits "Clear and lean,quiet and doing nothing".(Remember KongFu Panda? The highest level of Kung Fu is nothing; the best ingredient in noodle is nothing)

That means when you don't think/do anything you'll get the best rest. These include the Tao of training mind,personality and spirit.

Confucianism and Taoism rooted in China and hugely effect Chinese people's view to the world. The philosophy of the Taoism is regarded as the only one that contains and studies human's long live in the world. So its wellness Tao (philosophy) is deserved to be followed up.

a. The Tao of mind training

-Train the prejudiced mind into the positive mind

-Train the wicked mind into the mercy mind

-Train the floating mind into the calm mind

-Train the hypocritical mind into the integrity mind

-Train the greedy mind into the equity mind

-Train the evil mind into the kind mind.

Train human's justice,kind,integrity. The mind is peaceful and the behavior is under the sunshine. If the mind is positive the mind will be under the sunshine(clear). If the mind is clear the mind will be tranquil. If the mind is tranquil it'll benefit long live.

b. The Tao of personality cultivating

- Control sex life to cultivate Jing(essence)

- Tolerant anger and complain to cultivate Qi

- Let nature take its course to cultivate Spirit

- Avoid worry to cultivate mind

- Do exercise to cultivate body shape

- Cultivate moral to cultivate destiny

c. The Tao of spirit cultivating

- The capital of spirit cultivating is to maintain the energy

- The base of spirit cultivating is to smooth Qi and the breath

- The source of spirit cultivating is to cultivate the personality

- The root of spirit cultivating is to rectitude the heart

- The Tao of spirit cultivating is to control the 7 emotions(joy, anger, anxiety, contemplation, grief, terror and fear)

- The way of spirit cultivating is to strengthen the body

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