Taoism Calmness and Activity

Methods of Taoism Calmness and Activity

Calmness Cultivating

a. When walking, sitting or sleeping, let the tongue to click on the maxilla to keep mind calmness,so that body fluid will generate easily.

b. Get up at daytime and go to sleep at night,ataraxia so that Qi and blood keep harmony.

c. When getting hungery or thirsty, go for proper diet to keep body calmness, so that the  viscera will keep healthy.

d. When working, arrange balanced work and rest to keep body shape calmness, so that bone and muscle become stronger.

Activity Cultivating

a. In the morning facing the sunrise on the east direction, Massage face and neck by palm for 7-8 times.

b. At night before going to sleep, lie on the bed facing upward. Rub hands to warm. Massage arms and thigh.

c. In the morning close eyes, knock teethiknock between up teeth and down teeth). There will produced saliva(body fluid). Swallow it.

d. At night move eyes, massage nose and ear lap.

e. Take a walk after a meal.

f. Pat chest and back when get angered.

g. Talking too much will hurt Yuan Qi(primordial Qi).

h. Too much miscellaneous matters will hurt blood.

Body movement can regulate Qi, blood and meridians; Force using can regulate viscera and stretch tendon and strengthen muscles.

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