What Nutrients Men Need?

Nutrients men need differ from that women need.

As men are stronger than women, so your muscles are more developed, requiring more engergy heat.

Men is easy to get cholestrol disordered,easy to be attacked by blood hypertention, heart diseases, and stroke.

So Men's daily meals should have difference with that of women. You should pay attention to the following's nutrients intake.

Short-chain fatty acids include acetic acid, propionic acid, butyric acid,etc. It has the following functions:

  • Produce energy
  • Protect intestinal mucosa.
  • Promote the activities of stomach and intestines, preventing from constipation.
  • (Propionic acid) Promote Calcium ingestion
  • (Butyric acid) Repairing damage of intestinal mucosa,preventing ulcerative colitis

Short-chain fatty acids are contained in coarse grain and vegetables. So you should arange more coarse grains in your meals to ingest more short-chain fatty acids.

Flavonoids is general name of one type of plant pigments,the ternary compounds. It has strong effect function on protecting heart.

It acts as an antioxidant, preventing oxygen from combining with the low density lipoprotein.( If the combined,they'll attach to the blood vessel wall, impeding blood flow.)

It acts as platelet inhibitors, reducing the stickiness of platelet.

Experiments show that long-term flavonoid-rich-food intake will reduce half the risk of getting heart diseases.

Tea,apple,onions, and grape,etc contain rich flavonoid.

Lycopene. Studies show that lycopene has excellent effect on preventing prostate cancer, colon cancer, rectum cancer and other cancers which men are susceptible to,and heart diseases.

Tomato contains rich lycopene, but it's easy to be taken by our body only after the tomato is processed into sauce,juice,and cooked into dishes. Tomato sauce contains lycopene as 5 times as fresh tomato. Lycopene dissolves in fat, so the intake rate is higher by eating tomato dishes cooked in oil than eating fresh tomato.

Besides tomato,other foods rich in lycopene are watermelon, red grape, sweet almond, lobster and crab,etc.

Arginine If you are in period of wanting a baby, you should pay attention the arginine intake. Arginine is the main supplier of Nitrogen. Nitrogen is component of human sperm. Lack of arginine will cause sperm dysfunction,decrease in quantity, reduce of activity ability, and then cause infertility.

Beans, peanut,sesame, sardine, and beef contain relatively much arginine.

Lignin is a kind of coarse fiber, rich in carrot,burdock,etc. Its biggest efficacy is to spoil genetic DNA in cancer cell,killing cancer cell. Lignin can active immune system, increase macrophage activity, promote antibody production. So lignin not only resist cancer but also prevent infectious diseases.

Magnesium has excellent effect on preventing blood hypertention, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes. Men are easy to get these diseases. There is a saying "1 magnesium kills 3 high(diseases)".

Foods which are rich in magnesium are eggplant, potato, coarse grain, beans, grape, banana, sea cucumber, cuttlefish,etc.

It's a best choice in breakfast to eat two cups of milk mixed with oat and a piece of banana.(note, but you shouldn't eat banana when your stomach is empty).

Chromium helps to promote cholesterol metabolism, increase muscle building, reduce extra  fat,and promote body shape building.

A middle-aged man needs at least 50microgram each day. Body builder favorite must increase to 100-200microgram. It's hard to ingest so much chromium from food, so it's better to take some chromium supplement under the doctor's guide.

Zinc protects men's sexual function, having special effect on erectile dysfunction. Zinc also helpd to enhance anti-disease ability.

Lean meat, turkey meat ,sea food and soybean contain rich zinc. Men with much sport activities can take zinc supplement, 15mg is enough.

Antioxidant.Vitamin A,C,E can prevent free radical from spoiling blood vessel wall, cholesterol from clotting. So they help to resist heart diseases and stroke.

Vitamin A,C can be taken from foods such as orange color fruits and deep green vegetables. But vitamin E is an exception. E is mainly contained in oils which belong to high fat food, and so the intake is limited. Supplement is needed, 20-30 unit is enough each day for per person.

Vitamin B6 and Folic acid help to decompose extra high homocysteine in our body. Too much high homosysteine is one of the risk factors that cause heart disease.

Vitamin B6 is contained in chicken, fish, coarse grain and leguminous plant. Folic acid is rich in green leaf vegetables, orange juice and leguminous plant.

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