Live above 100 - necessary exercise

Necessary Exercise to live above 100.

Usually we pay much attention to our physical exercise. Actually exercise and rest of mind and internal organs are more important.

a. Rest your mind

Here I'll share with you a method which was taught by a Monk Master. It likes a kind of meditation. The whole procedure is about 20mins.

1). In a quiet environment,hunker down. Put hands on the legs with palms up.

(If you are holding lots of heavy bags, you'll feel relax when you put them down . Now just like those bags, many issues and questions are interrupting you. Let them go away one by one)

2). Close your eyes, saying in your heart" put down" or "let it go."

3). When you "put down" all the issues  you are empty in your mind now. Imagine you become one member of the universe, flowing naturally with the universe.

4). Now a road appears in front of you. It leads to the sea. Then there appears a tree at your left,then your right. At last there appears a forest. You start to walk along the road. The road is very long...

5). Now open your eyes,giving a deep breath. You should feel very comfortable.

Note: Practise at least one time each day. A few times later you'll be surprised to find that it brings you much calm and comfort.

For your reference, I always use my simple way. That is, when I "put down" all the issues I just imagine I was spending my holiday on the seashore as this is my most relax moment.

Further more, you don't need to hunker every time. You can do it when waiting, in a bus,in office, etc.

Necessary Exercise to live above 100.

b. Exercise your internal organs - Deep breathing exercise 

1). Stand up, or sit up straight, or hunker. Make sure your back is straight.

2). Exhale completely through your mouth. Feel your abdomen is shrinking.

3). Slowly breath in through nose till you cannot breath. Feel your abdomen is expanded. Hold breath for 1-5 seconds. Imagine the Qi goes in your belly button area.

4). Slowly repeat 2) and 3) 40 times each exercise. 2-3 times exercise each day.

Note: 1.When breathing in your shoulder cannot lift up. Practise in front of a mirror till your shoulders don't lift up.

2. Senior people, or those who are with hypertension or heart disease should be careful and don't do the breath holding part.

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