Kidney Bean and Chinese Date Cake Recipe

Kidney Bean and Chinese Date Cake Recipe


500g kidney bean

250g Chinese date

150g brown sugar

1 tsp sweet-scented osmanthus


1. a. Soaked the kidney bean in water for one night,then cook for 1-2 hours,or until most kidney bean break.

   b. Place the cooked kidney bean on a cloth,mashed into mud.

2. a. Clean date,cook until most date break.Remove kernel after cool.

   b. Mix cooked date,brown sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus together,mashed into mud.

3. Put kidney bean mud on a board,plaster into 1cm thick rectangle, spread date mud on it. Roll up longways,cut into small cakes.

Tips: Before cut into small cakes,you may bake a while (until surface becomes a little hard).

Serving Method:(18servings)

Serve at breakfast,1 serving each day.

Nutritional Information:(per serving)


Protein: 6.7g

Fat: 0.6g

Sugar: 32g

Beneficial Function: Invigorate spleen and benefit moisture.Suitable for those who are with hyperlipidemia, weak in spleen and stomach, no appetite and edema.

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