Homemade Job's Tears Powder

Take 1 cup Job's Tears. Wash and drain well. You'd better wait till they dry out in the air or in the oven. Otherwise wet grains will be sticky in the wok when stir frying.

Divide Job's Tears into two portion. Put one portion in a wok (Put in before the wok is heated). Turn on heat. Stir fry in a medium heat. Don't turn to high heat. Keep stir frying to let the moisture in the Job's Tears evaporated slowly.

When there is no evaporating, turn to low heat. Continue to stir fry (to prevent burned) till rice fragrance comes out. Take on grain, press by a teaspoon. If the grain is crispy it's done. Pour out into a plate.

Repeat the other portion.

When the Job's Tears become cooled, grind.

Usage of Job's Tears Powder

a. Served as drinks

Put 2 tablespoon powder in a bowl.

Add boiling water. Stir evenly.

Add 1 tablespoon honey when it becomes lukewarm.


b. Making Facial Mask

Filter Job's Tears Powder by using very fine gauze.

Add a little cold water and honey. Stir into a paste.

c. Add in flour to make bread

d. Make dessert: Here is the Job's Tears Cookies recipe

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