Healthy Holiday Eating Tips and Advice

I hope these healthy holiday eating tips and advice will stop your struggle with the delicious food during holiday, especially on a dinner party.

Before go to the party:

1. Eat regular breakfast,lunch,etc. Otherwise you always have the reason to eat more at the party.

2. Eat some fruit 60mins before going to the party;

3. Drink a cup of warm vegetable soup 30mins before going to the party;

4. Wear a tight skirt or pants so that your stomach doesn't have too much room to hold more food.

5. If you are diabetics drink some Gymnema Leaf which can restrain sugar from absorption.

In the dinner party:

1. Don't touch cold drinks as they will numb your stomach. Your stomach will become insensitive to the quantity you eat.

2. The first food you eat should be warm soup which can warm up your stomach and protect your stomach.

3. The second food you eat should be vegetables, whether it is warm or cold salad.

4. At this time, you are almost 50% full. It's the time you eat those delicious food. Roughly scan the food and eat from your favorite. Don't only pick the one near you. Otherwise when you see other tasty food you're already full.

5. Only pick very small part for each food.

6. Try to join in fun talking group or games. Thus your concentration can move out from the food.

After the party

1. Massage your stomach by hands. Take the belly button as the center,draw circle clockwise. From small circle to big. 30 circles. Draw another 30 circles anti-clockwise. From big to small and outsider to the center.

2. Drink a little Puer Tea or Oolong Tea!, especially when the food is oily. Puer tea is very effective to remove grease even if you only drink 2 tablespoon or 1/4 cup.

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