Inducing Foods

Inducing Foods

Some foods are easy to induce certain diseases. In normal situation they don't have any pathological reaction or response. But for some people or some diseases,they have quick pathological reaction,light or heavy. They will cause old disease or make new disease heavy.

These food are very sensitive to the following diseases caused by the following people.

People whose body constitutions are hypersusceptibility,dry hot, or wet fat.

The diseases caused by the above people: Pathological reaction. Physique. Allergies. Quality dry red. Tired of stagnation quality. Asthma. Allergic rhinitis. Acne. Skin ulcers. Carbuncle. Scabies. Moss. Pruritus. Urticaria. Eczema. Some eyesight diseases. Hemorrhoids. Gastric ulcer disease.

Sometimes these foods may cause heart attack for those who are with hypertension and liver yang is excessive.

These foods are below:

Seafood: Yellow croaker. Hairtail. Pomfret. Shrimp. Crab. Crucian carp.

Poultry: Chicken,especially rooster. Goose.

Meat: Pig head, mutton.

Vegetables: Bamboo shoot. Mustard leaf. Caraway. Shallot.

Fruits: Peach. Almond. Chocolate.

Other foods: Deep fried food and hot pot.

Those patients who are with the above diseases should be careful. Sometimes you already have a good treatment result but suddenly the disease becomes serious again or you get that disease again soon after it's cured. If in this case, you may had eaten the above inducing foods by mistake.

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