Compatible Food

Compatible food means, we'll benefit more if eating or cooking these foods together.

When preparing meals, we should not only consider nutrition combination but also the match problem between the foods,to see if they are compatible food.

When some certain foods eaten or cooked together, they promote each other to help our body to ingest more nutrients,and we call them compatible food. While some foods tend to hinder each other to prevent our body obsorbing nutrients,and we call them incompatible foods. So if we arrange compatible food(materials) in meals, our body will absorb more nutrient from the foods.

1. Pork liver and Spinach

Both pork liver and spinach have the function of tonifying blood. Vegetable collocates meat, supplementing each other. Eating these two compatible foods together will produce special remedial effect to anemia as our body ingest them at the same time.

2. Mutton and Ginger

Mutton helps to tonify Yang and warms our body while ginger helps to dispel coldness and keeps warm. So mutton and ginger eating together will cure bellyache caused by coldness.

3. Chicken and Chestnut

Chicken nourish blood and tonify spleen. Chestnut strengthens spleen. If our spleen is strength(works well),our body will absorb well the nutrient in chicken, and hematopoietic function will increase.

4. Duck meat and Yam

Duck meat supplements our body water,nourishing Yin, clearing heat and relieving a cough.Yam is better Yin tonic. Yam collocating duck meat will remove grease and have better effect to nourish our lung.

5. Cyprinoid and Vinegar

Cyprinoid has the function of removing dampness through diuresis. Except nephritis, most human edemas are caused by damp edema. Rice vinegar has the function of remove dampness. So cyprinoid and vinegar eating together will produce good dampness-remove effect.

6. Tofu and White radish

 Tofu belongs to plant protein, which is easy to cause indigestion and may come with diarrhea at the same time. Radish,especially white radish helps to digest. So eating tofu and white radish together will help us to sbsorb more nutrient form tofu.

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