Chinese Food Menu Recipes- Shanghai Style

Chinese Food Menu Recipes- Shanghai Style

To consider this is for holiday's menu recipes, some cooking methods may not be so "healthy" that it cludes deep-fry. But it's not so bad that allows you to relax one time during the holiday -:).

Chinese Food Menu Recipes- Shanghai Style: Salad (Cold Dish)

A.Roast Chicken


A fresh tender chicken, about 500g

Salt 15g

10g white wine

1 tsp chinese red pepper (or pepper powder)

10g shallot, minced

10g ginger,chopped

10g maltose

10g sesame oil

10g caraway

A small dish of tomato sauce

A small dish of red pepper oil

A small dish of mustard

A small dish of vinegar


1. Wash clean chicken, put it in boiling water for 5mins.

   Take out,dry.

2. Mix salt, wine,chinese red pepper, shallot and ginger together.

   Rub the above mixed ingredient on and inside chicken, marinate for half an hour.

   Airing to dry.

   Rub maltose on chicken(face)

3. Put chicken into oven.

   Roast 25mins with chicken chest upward.

   Roast 15mins with chicken back upward.

4. Take out chicken from oven, sprinkle sesame oil.

5. Cut chicken into 1.5cm X 1.5cm X 6cm strip, arrange a bridge shape in a big dish,

   spread caraway on the chicken, serve with ingredients in four small dishes: tomato sauce, red pepper oil,mustard and vinegar.

B. Five-spice Flavored Duck


A whole cleaned duck

10g shallot

10g ginger (block)

2 pieces of fennel

1 piece of cassia

2 tsp white wine

5 tsp soy sauce

2/3 tsp sugar

100g olive oil

1 tsp sesame oil

1000g water


1. Put the duck into clean water and steep for 2 hours, lixiviating blood and water inside duck. Clean wash and dry.

   Rub soy sauce on the duck skin, put aside 20mins.

2. Heat the oil in a wok over high heat to around 60-70C.

   Put the duck into the oil over low heat.

   Heat the duck until skin of duck become deep red.

   Pour out oil. Put shallot,ginger block beneath the duck (to avoid burn the duck skin).

   Add wine, soy sauce, sugar and water, cover after boil.

   Reduce the heat to a slow simmer. Simmer for 30mins.

   Turn over the duck and continue to simmer additional 20mins.

   Take out duck,rub sesame oil,cool.

3. Take 200g duck,cut into 1.5cm X 1.5cm X 6cm strip, arrange a bridge shape in a big dish.

C. Air-dried Soy Sauce Pork


2.5kg boneless pork ham( with skin on)

4 pieces of lettuce

1kg soy sauce

100g sugar

3 tsp white wine

2 tsp salt

25g Chinese red pepper

1 piece of cinnamon

2 grains of fennel seed

1 tsp liquorice

2 tsp five spices powder

1 tsp ginger powder


1. Put skin side of pork ham upward, cut into 2.5cm long big strip.

   Mix all the ingredients, soy sauce, sugar, white wine,salt,chinese red pepper, cinnamon,fennel seed,liquorice,ginger powder and finve spices powder.

   Marinade meat in the above mixed ingredients for 5-7 days.

   Take out when the meat turn into deep red color.

   Air dry for 10 days.

2. Take out 300g dried soy sauce meat,put in a case or a dish, place the dish in a steamer, steam for 20mins.

   Wait for 3mins,take out the dish. Cool.

   Cut into 0.3cm X 2.5cm small pieces.

   Arrange lettuce in the dish, arrange the meat.

Note and tips:

1.Air-dried soy sauce meat is one of feature food in middle and south of China.

2.Cannot steam too long time, otherwise the meat will become no taste.

D. Marinaded Drunken fresh Shrimp


500g live fresh water shrimps

300g white wine (Shao Xing Hua Diao wine is best)

175g salt

10g Chinese red pepper


1. Wash the shrimps well to rid them of any sand.Cut off the whiskers and feet, wash again.drain.

   Add 25g salt,stir evenly. Marinade for 1 hour.

   Add 100g salt and red Chinese pepper,stir.

   Place shrimps into a small-mouth case, add 50g salt on the face. Cover tightly.Marinade 24 hours.

2. 2 hours before serving, take out shrimps and place in a dish.

   Add white wine and marinate in it.Serve.

Note and tips:

1. Drunken Shrimps or Drunken Crab is one of Shanghai local feature food.

2. Must choose live water fresh shrimps and wash several times to keep clean.

3. Marinaded shrimp should put in refrigerator or shady and cool place.This will keep shrimp's original color(green). Wine must be placed before eating(shrimps will become red after adding wine).

Chinese Food Menu Recipes- Shanghai Style: Hot Dish

A. Chicken with Ginkgo nut


300g boneless chicken breast meat

50g Ginkgo nut

50g winter bamboo shoots

25g carrot

1 and 2/3 tbsp white wine

3/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

5g ginger powder

2 tbsp chicken stock

25g egg white

1 tbsp dry cornstarch

2/3 tbsp cornstarch mixed with water

70g olive oil


1. Heat the ginkgo nut in boiling water for 2-3mins. Get rid of cover.

   Heat additional 20mins in boiling water until ginkgo nut become crisp.

   Quick boiling carrot and winter bamboo shoots. Cut into small cubes.

2. Cut the chicken into 1.5cm cubes.

   Add 1/4 tsp salt, 2/3 tbsp wine, water 1 tbsp. Mix well with chicken.

   Add egg white and dry starch, mix to coat well.Set aside.

3. Mix the rest wine, salt, pepper, chicken soup(or water) and cornstarch with water. Set aside.

4. Heat the oil in a wok to about 110C.

   Add chicken, stir fry for 2mins, or until half cooked.

   Add shallot and ginger,stir fry serveral times.

   Add bamboo shoots, carrot, and ginkgo nut,stir.

   Add the above 3 mixed sauce,stir fry ,simmer 2mins,stir fry until thicken.

   Pour out,serve.

Tips: for the above 1, don't use too much cornstarch, otherwise the meat will become dry before fully cooked.

B.Tender Fried Fish Slices with Tomato Sauce


300g eel

50g cooked bamboo shoots

2 tbsp green peas

1 and 1/2 eggs

1 tbsp rice wine

1/2 tsp salt

1 tbsp tomato sauce

1 tbsp sugar

3 tbsp dry cornstarch

1 tbsp cornstarch with water

400g Olive oil (will use 75g)


1. Take out the eel's bone, cut meat into slices.

   Mix 1/4 tsp salt,1/2 tsp wine,eggs and dry cornstarch, add eel slices and coach well.

2. Heat the oil in a wok to about 175C.

   Put the fish slices in the wok one by one, deep fry until browned.

   Remove,drain well, set aside.

3. Pour out oil but left 2 tbsp in a wok.

   Add tomato, stir. Add rice wine, stir.

   Add the rest salt, sugar, bamboo shoot,green peas and 5 tbsp water,bring to boil.

   Add cornstarch with water, stir.

   Add fish slices, stir and coat well. Serve.


Mixed cornstarch coated on fish should be thicker,so that the cooked fish will be crisp outside and tender inside.

C. Shrimps and Pork with Chinese Cabbage


75g shrimp, shelled and deveined

100g boneless pork,

500g Chinese cabbage

1/2 tbsp rice wine

3/4 tsp salt

50g stock

2 and 1/2 cornstarch with water

100g olive oil


1. Clean Chinese cabbage,drain well. Cut into 6cm long section. Cut into strips along long direction.

   Cut into pork into 6cm long strips.

2. Add 75g oil in a wok, heating the oil to about 110C.

   Add pork strips, stir and fry 1min.

   Add 1/4 tbsp rice wine.

   Add Chinese cabbage strips,stir several times.

   Add 2/3 stock, bring to a boil.

   Change to low heat. Cover, cook for 15mins, or cabbage fully cooked.

   Add 1/2 tsp salt, 2 tbsp cornstarch with water. Stir and fry quickly on hot heat until thicken.

   Pour out, set aside.

3. Clean the wok, add the rest oil, heat about 110C.

   Add shrimp, stir fry for 1min.

   Add rice wine,stir.

   Add the rest stock and salt, stir fry 2mins.

   Add the rest cornstarch with water , stir fry 3mins,or until the shrimp is fully cooked.

   Pour out on the surface of cabbage and pork strips. serve.


Chinese cabbage contain much water, so you shouldn't add too much stock.

D. Fish Bladder with Asparagus


200g fish bladder,

50g chicken breast meat

50 Asparagus (in tin)

25g cooked ham

5 pieces pea seedling

3 tbsp rice wine

750 chicken soup

5g shallot,chopped

3/4 tsp salt

25g olive oil


1. Cut the asparagus into 4cm section, then cut into slices. Set aside.

2. Cut the cooked ham into 3cm long slices, set aside.

3. Cut the chicken into slices.

3. Cut the fish bladder into 4cm X 2.5cm strip.

   Quick boiling in water. Take out, drain well.

   Place in a big bowl, marinade in rice wine(2 tbsp) for 5mins.

   Put 150g chicken soup in a boiler, bring to a boil. Add swimming bladder, quickly boil,take out,drain well.

   Place the big bowl again, add rice wine, stir, set aside.

4. Heat the oil in a wok,add shallot,take out the burned shallot.

   Add 600g chicken soup,salt, bring to boil.

   Add the asparagus,ham,fish bladder,chicken, pea seedling,bring to boil again.

   Add cornstarch with water,stir quickly to avoid cornstarch becoming blocks.

   Boil 1min, serve.


1. Fish bladder must use wine to remove fishy smell,using chicken soup to improve freshness.

2. Cornstarch with water should not put too much,it's enough to make soup a little bit thick.

Chinese Food Menu Recipes- Shanghai Style:Main dishes

A. Crisp Grapy Fish


1 piece of herring fish,

2 piece of lettuce leaves

3 tbsp grape wine

1 tsp salt

100g sugar

3 tbsp white vinegar

1 tbsp tomato sauce

75g dry cornstarch

3 tbsp cornstarch with water

500g olive oil (will use 150g)


1. Clean fish, cut into two pieces along the back. Only take the side without big bone(the other side, head and tail of the fish you may use for other dish)

   Cut into 22cm long, cut into acuminate shape on one end.

   Put the skin side downward, cut 1/3 deep, cut across and then upright,so that form some 2cm cubes.

   Mixed with 1/2 tsp salt and 1 tbsp grape wine, marinate for 10mins.

2. Heat the oil in a wok over high heat to about 120C.

   Give the a roll in dry cornstarch, making the cornstarch stuck on the knife vein of the fish. Shake slightly to remove the cornstarch that doesn't stick on the fish.

   Put in the oil, deep fry for 2-3mins, or until the surface becomes yellow color,and the fish skin shrinks to make fish meat become grapy shape. Take out.

   Continue to heat the oil to about 175C. Add the fish, deep fry for 2mins,or until the surface becomes crisp. Take out,drain. Place in a long fish dish.

3. Leave 1 tsp oil in the wok.

   Add tomato sauce,200g water,sugar,1/2 tsp salt,stir until the sugar melt.

   Add vinegar and 2 tbsp grape wine,stir.

   Add cornstarch with water, stir and cook until thicken.

   Pour out on the fish.

   Carve the 2 lettuce leaves into grape leaves shape. Put beside the fish to form a cluster of grapes.


1. When making cubes,you should cut to the same depth and make sure the size of cubes is the same.

2. When shaking off the cornstarch,you should put in the oil as soon as you shake the fish. Otherwise, the cornstarch will absorb the water in the fish, so the cooked fish will be dry hard and neither crisp nor tender.

B.  Braise Fresh Ham in Casserole


1000g fresh,uncured ham, boneless

20 pieces green Chinese cabbage

1 tbsp rice wine

4 tbsp soy sauce

2 tsp salt

1/2 tbsp sugar

500g olive oil (will use 2tbsp)


1. Wash the ham. Cut a line beside the ham until see the big bone.

   Fill cold water in a stockpot, add ham, make sure the water cover the whole ham. Bring to boil,skim the foam from the surface. Boil for 1 hour over very low heat. Take out, drain well. Leave stock in pot.

2. Heat the oil in a wok to about 110C( don't put too much oil as only deep fry skin of ham, not deep fry meat.) deep fry skin of ham until the skin becomes brown color.

   Pour out oil. Add 500g stock in the wok. Add soy sauce, sugar,rice wine.

   Add ham with skin downward. Bring to boil.

   Continue to heat over low heat for 30mins, or until the skin soften and swell back.

   Take out, place a dish with skin downward.

   Put the dish in a steamer, sprinkle 2 tbsp stock on the ham.

   Steam for 20mins over medium heat.

3. Heat the oil in the wok to about 110C, add green Chinese cabbage,stir several times,take out and put in the casserole.

   Add 1000g stock in the casserole.

   Add the ham with skin upward, cover, simmer for 20mins over medium heat.Serve.

Chinese Food Menu Recipes- Shanghai Style: Snack

Dumpling with Radish and Meat Filling


500g scented rice powder

500g white radish

100g pork strips(tinier,better)

25g dry small shrimp

1 tbsp shallot,chopped

1 tbsp rice wine

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp  broad bean sauce,chopped

2 tbsp sugar

5 tsp olive oil


1. Wash the radish, cut into slices.

   Heat water in a boiler, bring to boil. Add radish slices.

   Boiling over medium heat for 15mins, or until radish becomes crisp.

   Pour out the hot water in the boiler. Add some cold water, make sure the radish is cold enough. Put radish in a clean cloth,extrusing out water. Or use your hand to extruse out water.

   Cut radish into small grains. Set aside.

2. Heat the oil in a wok to about 110C. Add pork strips,stir several times.

   Add shallot,radish,broad bean sauce,dry small shrimp, sugar,salt. Stir fry about 5mins, or until as soft as meat fillings.

   Cool,set aside.

3. Take 150g scented rice powder,add water to make a dumpling.

   Place in boiling water. Cooked for 5mins.

   Take out the dumpling, put in the rest dry powder at once.

   Add water while stir using chopstick. Knead and twist into long strip.  Cut into 10 small flans.

4. Make each flan into nest(socket) shape.

   Put Radish fillings in the nest, binding off into round dumpling.

   Place in a steamer. Steam for 15mins. Serve.

Tips: Add too much water, the finished dumpling will become too soft and not easy to take.

      Add too less water, the finished dumpling will become hard but not soft and not sticky.

Note: The above order cold dish,hot dish,main dish and snack should be the serve order

Remind: According to Chinese custom, dishes always come with main food such as rice,noodles or dumpling. So whether you prepared snacks or not, you'd better prepare some main food.

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