Lily Bulb Cake
Insomnia Dessert in Summer

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Lily Bulb Cake, Chinese Dessert for Insomnia people

This Lily bulb cake is easy-made Chinese dessertserved in summer. It’s suitable for those who feel vexed, or have insomnia or cough, etc.

Lily bulb is main ingredients, adding glutinous rice powder and rice powder makes them sticky together.

Lily Bulb Cake Recipe


5 (about 250g) lily bulb, fresh

1/4 cup white sugar

1 cup glutinous rice powder

1/2 cup rice powder


1.     Peel lily bulb layer by layer, throw away rot ones. Wash, drain well.

2.     Put cleaned lily bulb in a basin, add sugar. Stir and mix well.

Let it stay for 15 minutes. You can see water comes out.   

3.     Add 2 tablespoon  cold water, glutinous rice powder and rice powder.

Stir and mix till form dough.

4.     Take a heat-proof plate, rub a layer olive oil.

Place the dough on it. Press evenly and as thin as possible.

5.     Place the plate on the tray of a steamer. Steam for 15 minutes.

Let it stay for 5 minutes. Take out, cut into small pieces. Serve.


1. When steaming prepare a big plate, so that you can press the dough into very thin. The thinner,  the less cooking time.

2. If you cannot eat all at the first time put the left cake in a fridge. It’ll become hard. Steam it for a few minutes before serve. Don’t heat up in a microwave.

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