Fujian Fried Noodle
Hokkien Mee, Shrimp Chow Mein

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Fujian Fried Noodle - Hokkien Mee, Shrimp Chow Mein has a very strong shrimp(or prawn) fragrance flavor. Seafood lovers cannot resist it. Shrimp and egg help to promote Yang Qi while the beansprouts help to clear away extra heat. It's a nutrition balanced dish. Of course, if you serve with some green vegetables it'll be a perfect dish suitable for young or weak people.

Hokkien Mee is served popular in Singapore as many Singaporeans are from Fujian(or Hokkien, a province of south of China). People in Fujian admitted that Singaporean makes this noodle more delicate and delicious than themselves. It's also popular in Malayia, but the noodle is dark color. It's white color in Singapore. 

Lucky that I ate this noodle in Singapore the first time. And then it became one of my favorite food.

The key point for this dish is that the noodle should be simmered in shrimp soup. The shrimp oil is used or to make shrimp oil by stir frying shrimp head in cooking oil.

Because of the strong flavor you'd better eat Fujian Fried Noodle in a separate room, or ask the people around you serve with you together, especially when you are in office.

Fujian Fried Noodle Recipe,Hokkien Chow Mein (Shrimp Fried Noodle)

Preparation and cooking time: 30mins


100g fresh noodle

2 shrimp, medium to big

1 egg

1 tbsp squid/cuttlefish, cut into strips

50g soybean sprout

1 tbsp Chinese leek(or green onion)


1 tsp ginger, chopped

1 tsp onions, chopped

1 clove of garlic, chopped


2 tsp soy sauce

1 tsp fish sauce


1. Clean shrimp, devein. (don't shell).

   Clean cuttlefish, cut into short strips.

   Wash and boil soybean till cooked.

   Clean Chinese leek and cut into small section.

   Crack egg in a small bowl, beat well.

2. Add 1 cup of water in a wok.

  Add shrimp. Bring to a boil.

  Add cuttlefish.

  When the shrimps turn to red color, turn off heat and pour soup into a small bowl.

  Take out the shrimps and cuttlefish. Separate shrimp head. Set aside.

3. Heat oil in a wok, slip in egg liquid.

   Stir fry till egg becomes solid pieces.

   Add Seasoning and shrimp heads. Stir fry.

4. Add noodle, stir fry while adding shrimp soup constantly (about 2mins).

5. Add shrimps, cuttlefish, and soybean sprout.

   Stir fry, add Sauce. Coninue stir fry till cooked.

6. Add Chinese leek(or green onion),mix well.

   Turn off heat. Serve with chilli sause or tomato sauce.


1. To keep shrimps and cuttlefish tender, don't add them too early.

2. When a bowl of shrimp soup is used up the noodle should be cooked.

   But in case it's not, you should continue add water till cooked.

3. Shrimp heads are just used for flavor, not for eating.

4. There should add some rice noodle originally. But I just simplify it here.

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