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Function of this dish:

Warm up stomach and spleen. Both glutinous rice powder and pumpkin are warm. Eating some at this season stores energy to pass winter.


1. You can replace small red bean with other fillings.

2. Don't make the dough too hard or too soft. Otherwise it's not easy to make a shape.

3. When steaming, don't steam with other food.

Pumpkin cake is one of my favorite dessert at this season. Combining pumpkin, the cake tastes al dente and smooth. The outlook is also cute. I often cooked at home. And usually I cooked it separately. But this time I got a lesson at the class! As no enough steamer, I cooked pumpkin cake with taro. Taro was at the lower layer. You know that taro contains starchy, so it absorbs lots of water when cooked. The pumpkin couldn't get enough water, so you know the results. Really bad! Remember, never use two or three layer steamer to cook different food!