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About moon cake and Mid-autumn festival

Moon cake and Mid-autumn festival started from Tang Daynasty(618 BC). Eating moon cake in Mid-autumn festival became popular from Ming Dynasty.

Mid-autumn day is on the 15th day of the eighth month of Chinese calendar. As it's in the middle of autumn, so called Mid-autumn festival. On this day, the moon is round. So it is a tradition to watch the moon and eat the moon cake on this day.

The moon cake is round, the moon is round, symbolizing perfect love and happy family. Usually families have dinner together to enjoy watching the round moon. Most Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore celebrate this festival.

Traditional moon cake is made of wheal flour with fillings such as small red bean, lotus root seed, nuts, etc. Sweet and oily. Recent years, because of the health consideration, low sugar moon cakes become popular. One of which is iced-skin moon cake. As most of them are white skins and stored in fridge before sold, they are called iced-skin.

Function of this dish:

It contains 150 kcal each (traditional moon cake is more than 200 kcal). Don't serve too much in a day. One or two are ok.

Glutinous flour helps to supplement stomach Qi and spleen Qi.

Small red bean is always used as fillings in rice cake dessert. Besides its soft texture after cooked, red bean helps to remove fat and dampness. Dessert usually contains more sugar and oil, which may cause heat and dampness accumulation. Small red bean can reduce this possibility and regulate digestion. It's a balance to take red bean as fillings for a dessert.


1. When making the flour mixture, add the oil last. Then the oil will float on the surface even if after the flour is cooked. Thus, the moon cake skin won't be too sticky.

2. To make your moon cake clean and beautiful, you only need very little cooked powder to avoid sticky. So just attach some.

3. It's better to place in room temperature about half a day before serve. One or two hours are also ok if you can't wait to eat.