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Function of Stewed Beef and Green Bean with Noodle: Warming up stomach and spleen.

It's originated from He Nan province, then developed in ShanXi province which is famous by cooking all kinds of flour. This dish is very popular in north of China including Beijing, but only in home cooking, rarely seen in restaurants. It's so delicious that we always eat till too full. So be careful.

Tips:1. Cooking beef takes long time. You can replace with ground beef, or other sauce to cook vegetarian food. Then it'll only take 20-30mins.

2. The noodle is cooked by steam. Don't pour soup on the noodle. So that the noodle tastes al dente.

3. As there are potato blocks, it's easy to get sticky. So check frequently to prevent burned.

4. You can cook more beef one time, then store in fridge for later cooking other dishes..