Black Fungus with Broad Bean and Yam Salad

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Black Fungus with Broad Bean and Yam Salad recipe is healthy Chinese recipe, a plant based vegan recipe,suitable for people with obesity,diabetes, and heart disease

Black Fungus with Broad Bean and Yam Salad

Prep time: 5mins

Cook time: 10-15mins

Serve: 2-3 persons


5-6 black fungus, soaked

20 broad bean, peel

1 stick thin yam, steamed

1 carrot, small


2 tablespoon sesame oil(or olive oil)

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon vinegar



1. Wash and soak black fungus for 2 hours or overnight.

Steam yam and carrot for 15mins. Cut into small sections.

2. Boil broad bean and black fungus for 10mins.

  Take out and set aside.

3. Put yam,carrot sections, and black fungus and broad bean in a salad bowl.

  Add sesame oil, rive vinegar, and salt. Mix well. Serve.

Benefit of the dish:

Black fungus supplement qi and blood, enrich blood, moisten the lung, stop bleeding, reduce blood pressure, anti cancer.

Yum moisten the lung, regulate spleen, benefit the kidney.

Broadbean: Strengthen the spleen and stomach but cannot eat too much.

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