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Cough, Eating right in deep summer
July 09, 2010


Here is Dr. Greg Emerson's comment,hope you like it.



Nature does it best. Science cannot create a protein supplement as good as an egg, it cannot create a multi-vitamin as good as bone broth and it cannot create a heart drug as effective as cod liver oil. I do NOT recommend denatured protein supplements and I do not recommend multi-vitamins. Once you remove the component from the co-factors present in the foods it may not work and may in fact cause further problems and imbalances. I do, however recommend Mother Nature.

Dr. Greg Emerson



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China's five-thousand years of culture and history reserved precious regimen. I'm digging out and would like to share with you. So this website,including this e-zine is not only about Chinese recipes, it's more about healthy life style.

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July 8,2010

Issue #26

Table of Content:

1. Zangxiang theory- The Six Fu-organs - bladder(12)

The six Fu-organs include gallbladder, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder and the triple energizer. While five Zang-organs store Jing-Qi(essence), six Fu-organs are responsible for transforming and transporting food.

2. Nature Cough Remedies

a. Mung bean soup for hypertension

b. Eggplant Salad Recipe

c. Stuffed Bitter Gourd Recipe

d. White Radish Juice with Apple and Green Bell Pepper

e. Abalone Soup


3. Eat right in deep summer

The hot temperature makes us exhausted. How to eat right to increase energy?

Stewed Eggplant with Naval Bean and Tomato coming along with steamed corn cob

4. Answers to friends

Black Chicken Soup


1.Zangxiang theory- The Six Fu-organs- The Small Intestine(12)

The six Fu-organs include gallbladder, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder and the triple energizer. Six Fu-organs are responsible for transforming and transporting food. That means they receive and digest food, absorb the nutrient and excrete the waste.

Six Fu-organs function well only when they are unobstructed and the Qi is descent.

The Bladder:

The physiological function of the bladder is to store and discharge urine.

The kidney receives the water and the turbid Qi from the spleen and stomach, and produces urine by the Qi-transforming function. The urine is transmitted to the bladder. When accumulated to certain amount, the urine is excreted out of the body by QI-transforming function.

Since the lung,the three energizer and the kidney are in charge of Qi while the spleen is in charge of transformation, they have effect on the Qi-transforming function of the bladder.

The relationship of the bladder and the kidney is kind of Yang and Yin. The bladder Qi is controlled by the kidney Qi.

If the kidney Qi is deficiency it'll cause the failure of fixating and Qi-transforming. This will lead to polyuria,enuresis and incontinence of urine.

If the bladder is attacked by exogenous pathogenic factor,Qi-transformation will be affected too.It'll lead to unsmooth urination,dripping urination and anuria.


2. Nature Cough Remedies

There are many kinds of cough remedies.Before you apply them you should know what cause your cough. Otherwise your cough may become worse.

Not only lung, all organs such as stomach, spleen, kidney, liver can cause cough. Sometimes, if your cough cannot cure for a long time that maybe the problem of your other organs. Especially for kids, if they always cough you should take care of their stomach and improve their anti-disease ability.

Whooping cough usually has three stages, so you'd better adopt different treatment according to different stages.

a. Mung bean soup for hypertension

b. Eggplant Salad Recipe

c. Stuffed Bitter Gourd Recipe

d. White Radish Juice with Apple and Green Bell Pepper

e. Abalone Soup

Here is the details:


3. Eat right in deep summer

The hot temperature makes us exhausted. How to eat right to increase energy? And make sure that you'll be healthy in the coming winter?

In summer we lose lots of body fluid(perspiration) because of the high temperature. Yang Qi inside our body comes to the surface to balance the nature.

So we should protect Yang Qi at this moment. In one hand, let the Yang Qi to express appropriately. On the other hand,avoid Yang Qi leaking too much.

That means, don't always go into the air-con room at once when you begin to perspire. Let the perspiration comes out. Don't drink iced drinks,either. Appropriately perspire but not too much. Sweating too much will exhaust your body too much.

In deep summer,it's easy to cause dampness which is the culprit of edema and rheumatism. The dampness is caused by heat. When you drink iced water more heat will become dampness as you don't let it to spread out. Then your abdomen will become bigger.

Appropriately eat some cold-nature fruit and vegetables.But don't eat too much watermelon and cucumber. They hurt your stomach and Yang Qi. Drink some warm(or room temperature) green tea. Even if it's warm when you drink,it'll cool down your body temperature after drinking.

If you drink too much iced water and cold-nature fruit and vegetables in summer,you'll kill Yang Qi in your body. You'll be easy to get cold in the coming winter.

Eat beans and seeds to increase your energy such as soybean, pea,chick-pea,naval bean,mung bean and red bean,etc. If you want to eat meat,you'd better wrap them in lotus leaf and steam. This will remove the heat but you can get the protein at the same time. Here the reference recipe:

Corn cob belongs to seed, too.And it is the seasonal food in summer. Serving with another seasonal food eggplant,it's very delicious.

For corn cob,steaming or boiling is better than roasting. Boiling in water for at least 60mins. The soup can be served as a drink.

Stewed eggplant with Tomato and Naval Bean.


2 eggplant,

1 tomato

1/2 cup naval bean



Cut eggplant and tomato into small pieces.

Heat oil in a wok,add seasonings.

Add eggplant and tomato cubes,naval bean.

Stir well,add a tablespoon stock. Cook for 30mins.

Serve with the corn cob.

*note: How to cook naval bean?

Soak for over night. It'll become 1-2times bigger. Steam for 60mins.(Water cover the naval bean).


Mung bean recipes here:

Red bean recipes here:



4. Answers to friends


When I was very young, my mother made a soup for my father after he came home from the hospital. The soup had lean pork, black chicken, red berries, maybe longans, etc. What is the name of the soup, and is there a recipe, please?
Thank you for any assistance.

My Answer

> Thanks for your enquiry.
> The soup should be Black chicken soup in which black chicken should be the main material. Black chicken soup helps to supplement deficiency, suitable for people who are weak or after a serious disease such as operation. It helps to supplement blood,suitable for women,especially those who are after delivery.
> Red berry should be Goji berry. It's good to liver (eyes) and kidney, a better combination with black chicken.
> Logan is good to the heart and the mind which can sooth nerve. Don't to cook Goji berry and longan together as this may cause inside heat.
> Pork is an option which can improve the flavor of the soup.
> Here is the preparation:
> 1 whole black chicken. Cut into small blocks.
> 9 Goji berries
> 1 tablespoon pork(option)
> 2 clove garlic
> 1 teaspoon rice wine
> 1 section scallion
> a. Prepare a pot,add water,about half of the pot.
> b. Add the above material. Bring to a boil over high heat.
> c. Turn to low heat, continue to cook 2-3 hours.(very low heat).
> d. Add some salt,cook 10mins over medium heat. Serve.
> Eat meat and drink soup.
> If you put longan, then don't put Goji.



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