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Anna's Nature Regimen & Recipe, Issue #002
October 17, 2007


Anna's Nature Regimen and Recipe Express

-- Keep your life close to the nature


China's five-thousand years of culture and history reserved precious regimen. I'm digging out and would like to share with you. So this website,including this e-zine is not only about Chinese recipes, it's more about healthy life style.

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Issue #2

Voices from Experts

  • Yoghourt may not protect your stomach
  • Meat may the promoter of cancer
  • Broth is the best resource of protein

Table of Content:

1. About Autumn and Regimen

2. About the 9th month and regimen

3. Anna's 9th month recipes

a. Corn on the Cob with Beef Leg Meat Soup

b. Pumpkin Recipes

I.Steamed Pumpkin Rice Recipe

II. Steamed Pumpkin and Yam with Rice in Pumpkin Cup

III.Pumpkin with Black Rice and Date Porridge

IV. Pumpkin with Milk and Egg Paste for children

c. Stewed Beef with Potato and Pumpkin

4. Feature Snacks: Crystal Shrimp Dumpling(Jiao Zi)

5. My Story: Sometimes you feel your heart uncomfortable,that may be caused by the weak spleen


Voices from Experts

Since I setup this website,I paid much attention to the healthy field. Actually I was really surprised at some experts' opinion. I think they are revolutionary opinions, changing our conventional concept.

Yoghourt may not protect your stomach

This is from a Japanese doctor who is the head of a Stomach Hospital. He said in his book,among so many patients suffering from stomach disease, many of them always drink milk or yoghurt. So he never drink milk and yoghurt. He thinks that enzyme is important to our digestive system. He suggested that we should eat some fruit before meals. He even eats fruits before breakfast.

Meat may be the promoter of cancer

This is from an American nutritionist. His team did many experiments and tests. They divided two groups of people who were at the initial stage of cancer. In their diet,one group included meat while another didn't have meat. Several months later, for the group who took meat, their cancer cells grew much more while for the group who didn't eat meat,their cancer tumor stayed unchanged,several of them even almost disappeared. Now he is a vegetarian. He also said milk also assisted the growth of cancer.

Broth is the best resource of protein

This is from a tradtional Chinese doctor. His grandfather's grandfather was Emperor's doctor. In four generations of his family, no person ever got serious diseases, several of his fathers lived more than 101 years old. The same as the above American nutritionist,he regards meat as the promoter of disease. But the different is that he thinks human must ingest animal protein. And the best way to take animal protein is to drink broth before each meal, especially for patients. He thinks the protein in broth is easy to be absorbed by human. But the right broth is only one made from beef,or fish with scale. Further more,it should be decocted 12 hours under 80*C (176*F) temperature, and skim out the fat before serve. He doesn't agree with vegetarian's opinion. He took monk as examples. Many monks are easy to get disease and die at early age. Only quite a few of them live long.

Then what and how should I eat? You may ask. I feel, what is suitable for you is what is right for you. The important is that you should know yourself, learning what constitution you belong to.

I 'll try to figure out that for you.


1. About Autumn and Regimen

In Chinese Lunar Calendar, autumn includes the 7th month, the 8th month and the 9th month.

In 2007, autumn is from August 8th to November 8th.

For autumn regimen, please visit :


2. About the 9th month and regimen

In Chinese Lunar Calendar,the 9th month is from October 11th to November 9th.

In this month,

  • Yang becomes deficiency
  • Yin becomes excess
  • Cold wind is easy to hurt human(make us get disease),so be careful
  • Avoid from indulging yourself without scruple. Don't eat too much.Don't riot in drink.

Diet should

  • reduce bitter foods intake such as wheat, mutton, almond, and swamp cabbage,etc.
  • increase Sweet(*) foods intake such as rice,beef,Chinese date,pumpkin,chestnut,etc.

This will supplement liver,benefit kidney,help spleen and stomach,nourish vigour.

It goes into deep autumn in the 9th month. Our body begins to store essence of life and vital energy(QI). At this time our body is easy to absorb and store tonic food. This will improve the function of our viscera.So,it's the best time to eat some tonic food to improve body constitution.

Tonic food intake should coordinate with different body constitution. These tonic food include Chinese date, lotus, yam, lily, chicken,motton,duck,chestnut,gen-sen,etc.

Knowlege about food: All the food we eat has its own taste attribute:

Sweet: rice, beef,Chinese date,pumpkin,etc. Function: easy up.

Sour: small red bean, plum, leek(also spicy),haw,etc. Function: converge.

Pungent: glutinous millet, chicken, peach,shallot,etc. Function: dispel.

Bitter: wheat, mutton, almond, and swamp cabbage,etc. Function: dry and solidify.

Salty: soybean, pork meat,chestnut, leaf bean,etc. Function: soften.


3. Anna's 9th month recipes

a. Corn on the Cob with Beef Leg Meat Soup Recipe


3 fresh corn on the cob,best with ear

10 chinese date

500g beef leg meat

3g ginger,cut into 2-3 pieces

1 medium onion,cut into small pieces

1 star anise

3 haw

1 teaspoon salt


1. Cut corn on the cob into small section.

Clean chinese date,soak,remove kernel.

Clean beef leg meat with cold water, put in boiling water(or very hot water),quickly take out. No need to cut.

2. Add 3000ml (about 12 bowl) in a casserole. Add beef leg meat,corn on the cob,chinese date,ginger,onion,star anise, haw.

3. Cook 3 hours over low heat. Skim foam when the water just begins to boil.(At about the 1st half an hour).

4. Add salt to taste, boil 10mins over medium heat.

5. Turn off heat,stay 10 mins with cover. Refrigerate, remove hardened fat from top of the soup.

6. Drink soup,eat corn on the cob. (Reheat before serve)

7. For the beef, take out, cut into bite-size slices. Add any sauce that you like such as tomato sauce or other salad sauce.

Beneficial Function: Release heat in stomach, benefit Qi in stomach,promote production of body fluid to quench thirstCinvigorate spleen,replenish deficiency.


b. Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin contains rich carotene,one of the best known anti-cancer food. It helps to reduce blood sugar and lose weight.

Pumpkin can be cooked into poridge with rice,steamed with rice,stew with beef,or potato.

I.Click below webpage for Steamed Pumpkin Rice Recipe


II. Steamed Pumpkin and Yam with Rice


1 bowl of Steamed rice

1 medium pumpkin

100g yam,cut into small cubes

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon soy sauce


1. Cut pumpkin into two pieces. Remove seed. Remove one half peel, cut into small cubes. Another half will be used as pumpkin cup.

2. Add rice,pumpkin cubes,yam cubes,salt,soy sauce in the pumpkin cup, stir well.

3. Cover pumpkin cup with a piece of leaf lotus,or cabbage leaf,or film preservation. Place in the drawer of a steamer. Steam for 15-30mins, or until the pumpkin is thoroughly cooked.


III. Pumpkin with Black Rice and Date Porridge


200g pumpkin

150 black rice,

60g Chinese date

1000ml clean water


1. Clean balck rice,Soak rice in cold water for 2-3 hours.

2. Cut pumpkin into small cubes.

3. Add 1000ml water,black rice(with water,don't throw the water for soaking),chinese date in a cooker.

4. Bring to a boil over high heat. Continue to cook about 60mins,or until all the materials are thoroughly cooked.Serve.


IV. Pumpkin with Milk and Egg Paste for children

150g steamed pumpkin,mashed,add 40g sugar,a cup of milk,an egg,stir well. Steam for 8mins.Serve.


c. Stewed Beef with Potato and Pumpkin


1/2 cup cooked beef(from the above a. Corn on the Cob with Beef Leg Meat Soup Recipe)

1 cup of pumpkin,cut into small cubes

1 cup of potato,cut into small cubes

1/2 cup of water

1/2 cup of beef broth

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 medium onion, cut into small pieces


1. Add beef cubes,beef broth,onion pieces in a saucepan, cook over medium heat until the potato half cooked. Stir often to avoid burn.(Add water if dry)

2. Add 1/2 cup of water,pumpkin cubes,salt,continue cook for about 15mins, or until thick. Serve.


Waterless cookware recipe for Stewed Beef with Potato and Pumpkin

It's so easy to use waterless cookware,just put all the above ingredients in the cooker(only add 1/2 or 1 cup of broth,don't need to add additional water). Then have a rest on a chair until a sound of whistle. Turn off heat. Serve.

For waterless cookware, pls take a look at this webpage:


4. Feature Snacks: Crystal Shrimp Dumpling(Jiao Zi)

Crystal shrimp originated from a village in Guang Zhou, China. At the beginning,local people wrapped shrimps with a layer rice powder and steamed. The juice couldn't flow out,so it tasted fresh and delicious. Later,the snack was cooked by many restaurants because of its reputation. The skin changed to using wheatstarch. Typical shape is like a comb,the edge pleat shouldn't be less than 12. The stuffings include fresh shrimps,cooked shrimp meat,pork oil, and bamboo shoot, mixed at suitable rate. Steam over high heat.

Crystal Shrimp Dumpling is crystal,transparent. Red and white color shine and bright inside stuffing. The fragrance flavor makes your mouth water. Don't wait,let's try to do it now!


For Jiaozi skin:

150g wheatstarch

50g cornstarch

1 cup of water

1/2 tablespoon olive oil

For stuffing:

20g minced pork

10g bamboo shoot,dehydrated and minced

200g peeled shrimp

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cornstarch

1/2 teaspoon ginger powder

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon sesame oil


Making stuffing:

1. Leave several full shrimps. Chop the rest into soft and fine minced meat.

2. Add salt,cornstarch in the minced shrimp and pork,stir until the mixed meat becomes strong.

   Add olive oil,sesame oil and pepper,minced bamboo shoot,stir evenly.

   Add salt and pepper on the full shrimps,rub well.Set aside.

Making skin:

1. Boil water.Add wheatstarch and cornstarch,stir quickly by using chopstick or fork.

2. Add 1/2 tablespoon olive oil,stir and knead into paste with luster.

   Cover with preservative film for 20mins.

3. Rub the above paste into a long strip.

   Cut into small pieces of paste,about 20g each piece of paste.

   Squash and roll into thin flake,that's Jiaozi skin.

Making Jiao Zi

1. Add filling in the skin,tweak into Jiao Zi shape.Place one or half of a full shrimp in each Jiao Zi.

2. Boil water in a steamer,add Jiao Zi on the steam drawer.

3. Steam 8mins over high heat. Serve.

Tips: 1. Using boiling water to make paste.

      2. Use the skin as soon as it is made(otherwise it'll become hard). Wrap the unused skin with perservative

      3. Steam as soon as the Jiao zi is made.


5. My Story: If you suffer different disease constantly at a period of time,it maybe caused by your excessive internal heat

End of this August,Mom came back from Vancouver. Within one month,she got pancreatitis,and then got eye problem after pancreatitis was cured.

In traditional chinese medicine,eye is related with liver. I realized, the reason why Mom got disease must be caused by her excessive liver heat. She likes the environment of Vancouver. The air is fresh, the weather is pleasant, and the people are quiet and kind. Frankly to say, Shanghai is a commercial rhythm is fast. Everyone feels pressure. It's not suitable for those people who like to live a quiet life,especially for old people. Mom felt uncomfortable in Shanghai.

Mom is easy to get angry. That means her internal heat in liver is excessive. My judge is right. We didn't go to see a doctor. If she went to see a doctor,she must eat some western medicine. But the primary cause of the diseases was that she had excessive internal heat. Her eye may be cured, but the heat would be still there. The heat may flow to other place and cause other disease. On the other hand, all medicines are somewhat poisonous ,including herb. If she went to see a herbalist doctor at the very beginning, she wouldn't get eye problem as traditional chinese medicine can cure the heat--her main cause of diseases.

She ate some food that clear heat,trying to keep good mood. Then,now she is very well.

The same situation ever happened to me too. That was in 2004. My company was in difficulty. I was worried and anxious. Within half a year, I got facial palsy,herpes, and got cold several times. At the beginning when I got herpes, I went to see a western doctor. I took medicine,but didn't get well. Then I went to see a herbalist doctor. To my surprise, I took herbal drugs for only 2 days, I got well.  So my disease was caused by my internal heat. The herbal drug removed my heat, then I got well.

So,you see, a good mood is important to our health. If you get disease constantly in a period of time, check if your living environment has changed. If so, you'd better go to see a nature doctor,letting him to help you to remove the excessive internal heat.


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