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Detox Diet,Fatty Liver,and a new Paella Recipe
September 03, 2014


I'm sorry that I haven't written to you for so long time. Guess what? I'm helping my friends to do a sleep reader, a kind of wearable hardware and APP. It's a good news for those who are interested in Chinese food therapy. The size of the unit is the same as that of a dime. The unit will collect a bunch of data during your sleep. You download the data into the APP. The system inside will analyze the data and identify your health problems. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) theory the APP will provide you a set of healthy lifestyle and treatment guide, including food therapy, Tuina (massage), exercise, etc. 

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Anna's Nature Regimen and Recipe Express

-- Keep your life close to the nature


China's five-thousand years of culture and history reserved precious regimen. I'm digging out and would like to share with you. So this website, including this e-zine is not only about Chinese recipes, it's more about healthy life style.

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Issue #41

1. How to apply Yin and Yang Theory in our Daily Life

Almost everyone knows Yin and Yang, but most people don't how to use it in daily life.

2. Detox Diet

Detox diet is so popular that many friends often do it. But be careful! You may spoil your body.

3. Fatty Liver Treatment and Prevention in View of TCM

Fatty liver is regarded as extra accumulation of fat on the liver. But TCM has different explanation to it.

4. Seafood Paella with Job's Tears Recipe

Many friends don't know how to eat Job's tears. It can be made into very delicious Paella.

5. Our Sleep Reader


1.How to apply Yin and Yang Theory in our Daily Life

Almost everyone knows Yin and Yang, but most people don't how to use it in daily life.

I watched a few live videos talking about Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). Most of them would mention Yin and Yang, and five elements. But only limited to the definition. I bet many audiences didn't understand how Yin and Yang, and five elements  affect our life. (I'll talk about five elements in the next issue).

In fact Yin and Yang exist in our life everywhere. There are lots of sunshine in the south, so there is more Yang Qi in the south; the same reason, there is more Yin Qi in the north. The sun rises from the east and and down to the west; so there is more Yang Qi in the east while more Yin Qi in the west. Wheat is grown up on the ground, so it's full of Yang Qi. People from north and west eat it more to absorb more Yang Qi. Rice is grown up under the water, so it's full of Yin Qi. People from south and east eat it more to absorb more Yin Qi. All these can keep Yin Yang balance.

In TCM, Qi and organ functions belong to Yang; body fluid(Jin,blood) and food belong to Yin. Healthy status is to achieve Yin Yang balance. Yin deficiency and Yang deficiency (Qi deficiency when not serious) are two big health problems in view of TCM. If you eat too much but move very less, then you tend to become Qi deficiency. So most obesities are Qi deficiency.

Meat is Yang while vegetable and fruits are Yin, and cereals are neutral.

People who are with Yin deficiency are lack of or have difficulty to produce body fluid and blood. Their symptoms are facial flush in the afternoon, dry mouth with scanty saliva, feverish palms and soles, poor sleep, constipation, etc.  They should eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid lamb. Lamb has more heat energy. They should try to keep quiet especially in mind.

People who are with Yang deficiency should eat a little meat, especially lamb. Their symptoms are pale complexion, aversion to cold and preference to warmth, cold hands and feet, pale lips, occasional loose stool, etc. They should often take part in sport activities.


2. Detox diet

Many friends often do detox diet, hoping to keep health in a few days. Most foods(drinks) in detox diet have very cold energy and are served in raw or iced status. This may be good for Yin deficiency friends if it doesn't last long time. But it'll get worse for Yang deficiency friends.

People with Yang deficiency have a weak spleen. After eating very cold cold-nature food, they'll hurt their stomach and spleen badly. Their digestive system will become more sluggish.

You should do some preparation and analysis before going for a detox diet. Please click here to see how to do it



3. Fatty Liver in view of TCM

In view of TCM, fatty liver is caused by the following reasons:

  • Eating too much fat and greasy food
  • Attacked by heat and damp (Alcohol is regarded as containing extreme heat energy)
  • Qi stagnation
  • Chronic disease, weak

Heat and damp accumulation is the main reason. In hospital some patients who are in early stage fatty liver have been cured through taking Chinese medicine. The prescription is composed of herbs that can remove heat and dampness, and release stagnation.

There are some foods which can remove heat and dampness, too. So if you feel your stomach area is becoming big(I think it's the sign of fatty liver) , or you want to prevent fatty liver, you can try to eat these kinds of food at home.

Continue read here


4. Seafood Paella with Job's Tears Recipe

You know that Job's tears benefit the lung, remove dampness, and anti-cancer.

Replacing white rice with Job's Tears makes this Paella dish healthier. People with diabetics, heart disease, hypertension and obesity should try this diet recipe.

Get Recipe here



 5. Our Sleep Reader

Please don't forget to do me a favor. I hope this Sleep Reader becomes the health assistant of many friends. It may not be perfect. But we try to make it close to the perfection. And you can help us to get to that level. It only takes 2 minutes. Thanks.

Go to the survey here.

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