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preven dryness in autumn
August 29, 2012


Is six-week long?

Salt is the most important seasoning in cooking dishes. However, too much salt intake will cause water retention, high blood pressure, leading to heart attack and kidney failure.

Strong flavor foods contain much salt. So we should choose light flavor. But if you used to strong flavor dishes, it's not easy to change to light cooking and flavor.  A nutrition professor in California University said that it'll take six week for us to change from heavy salty flavor to lighter salty flavor.

The American Heart Association recommends consuming less than 1500 mg of sodium a day for people who are with heart disease, hypertension, and kidney failure. For normal people, 2400mg a day. From below list we can see that 1/2 teaspoon salt a day is enough for us( This is ok for sedentary lifestyle. If you do much exercise or being a blue-collar worker without the above diseases, then go for 1 teaspoon salt a day.)

1/4 teaspoon salt = 600 mg sodium
1/2 teaspoon salt = 1,200 mg sodium
3/4 teaspoon salt = 1,800 mg sodium

Six-week, one-and-a-half-month is so long if thinking of you have to eat insipid food everyday. But six-week is very short compared to the rest of your life- 20 years, 30 years or even 50 years. The key is that you'll enjoy light flavor foods when you used to it. You'll feel salty and oily when eating heavy flavor foods. I'm an example. I'm from north of China, where most foods are salty, especially in restaurants. I eat light now. Sometimes when I eat in a restaurant where there is strong flavor, I feel very uncomfortable, salty, oily, even with MSG.

I can change, then you can change too.





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29 Aug, 2012

Issue #33

Table of Content:

1. Causes of disease: Pathogenic factors in TCM-6 evils- Dryness(VI)

Dryness evil impairs body fluid, the lung, and the stomach, causing dry mouth and nose, coarse and dry skin, lusterless hair, dry cough, dry bowel movement, and scanty urination.

2. How to prevent dryness in autumn?

Besides diet, regulation on mind and spirit is also very important.

3. Radish, heat toxin, wheat intolerance, and celiac disease

According to Ancient wisdom, wheat flour contains heat toxin and radish can remove it.

4. Let nature takes its course(II) 

Body status in different stage. Comparison of male and female.


1.Causes of disease: Pathogenic factors in TCM 6 evils - dryness (VI)

Dryness evil impairs body fluid, the lung, and the stomach, causing dry mouth and nose, coarse and dry skin, lusterless hair, dry cough, dry bowel movement, and scanty urination.

Dryness dominates autumn. Dryness related diseases usually occur in autumn.

Exogenous dryness is related to the environment.

  • In early autumn, warm dryness often occurs. The symptoms are fever, sweating, vexation, red tongue, throat pain, etc.
  • In late autumn, cool dryness often occurs. The symptoms are like that of cold, that is, fever, no sweating, aversion to cold, headache, stuffed nose, etc.

Endogenous dryness is caused by the following reasons:

  • reduction of Jing and blood
  • over taking warm-dry medicine
  • over taking warm-dry food


2. How to prevent dryness in autumn?

How to prevent dryness in autumn?

a. In autumn, the temperature difference is big. Wearing thick clothes when cold but putting on thin clothes when warm.

b. Drink more boiled water, light tea, juice, soybean and milk. These liquid foods nourish Yin and moisten dryness. However, don't eat too much sugary drinks. Meanwhile, drink less at one time but drink more times in a day.

c. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Autumn dryness hurts body fluid. Most vegetable and fruits promote production of body fluid, clear away heat and promote bowel movement. They also contain much water themselves which can supplement our body fluid.

Honey, lily flower and lotus seeds are also good supplement in autumn.

d. Eat less heat foods such as spicy, deep-fried foods. They will promote dryness and hurt Yin, aggravating autumn dryness. Garlic, ginger, onions, shallot, star anise, cinnamon are ok to be used less as seasonings. But don't serve largely at this moment.

e. Pay attention to the regulation on mind and spirit. Yin deficiency people have heat(inflammation) inside body, so they are easy to lose temper. That's because the heat exhausted body fluid. It becomes worse in autumn. Try to treat everything in peaceful attitude.


3.Radish, heat toxin, wheat intolerance, and celiac disease

In ancient China there was a story telling us that wheat flour has heat toxin and radish can remove the heat.

Before I learned gluten free diet and celiac disease, I always wondered why westerners didn't have problem to take wheat flour as staple foods without eating radish? And the bread is baked which increased heat toxin.

Click here to read the story.

Here is gluten free diet.


4. Let nature takes its course (II)

Life has its own law. We should respect and abide by it. Let's see what happens at different stages of age.

We can see that when a female is at 28 years old and a male is at 32 years old, they get to the strongest status. It's the best time to consider to have a baby.


Five Zang Organs: liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney.

Six Fu Organs: gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, urinary bladder, sanjiao

Qi: Vital energy

female male
When a girl is at 7 years old, her kidney Qi is in vigorous growth; her baby teeth changed; her hair begins to flourish.
When a boy is at 8 years old, his kidney Qi is filled up; the hair begins to flourish; his baby teeth changed.
When she gets to 14 years old, she has sexual function; Ren channel meridian is open and unobstructed; she has regular menstruation; she can give birth to a baby now. When he is at 16 years old, his kidney Qi is vigorous; he has sexual function now; he can give a birth to a baby with an adult woman.
when she gets to 21 years old, her kidney Qi is full; her wisdom teeth grow in; her permanent teeth is full. When he is at 24, his kidney Qi is full; his muscles and bones are strong; his wisdom teeth grow in; his permanent teeth is full.
When she gets to 28 years old, her tendons and muscles are strong and powerful; her hair grows to the most flourish level; her physique is the strongest at this stage. when he is at 32 years old, his bones and tendons get to the strongest level; his muscles are full and robust.
When she gets to 35 years old, her stomach Qi begins to become weak; her face begins to become yellow and  pallid; her hair begins to fall out. when he gets to 40 year old, his kidney Qi begins to decline; his hair begins to fall out; his teeth begin to dry up.
When she gets to 42 years old, her Yang Qi becomes weak; her face looks gaunt and withered; her hair begins to become white. when he gets to 48 years old, the Yang Qi on the upper part of his body is wearing away; his face looks gaunt; his hair  and sideburns go grey.
When she gets to 49 years old, her RenMai  Qi becomes weak; her Taichong Mai beomes weak, too; her sexual function becomes exhausted; menstruation stops; her physique becomes old, losing the ability to have children. when he gets to 56 years old, his liver Qi becomes weak; his bones and tendons become inflexible.
  when he gets to 64 years old, he lost sexual function; his vital essence becomes less; his kidney declines; his teeth and hair fall out; his physique is weary.


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