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A very good food that can regulate metabolism
May 24, 2012

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Don't punish yourself by other's mistake

Getting angry is punishing yourself for mistakes of others. Forgive others, and relieve yourself.

Diet is important for our health. Emotion (mind and spirit) is more important than diet.If we don't have a peaceful mind we cannot control our emotion properly. Even if we have perfect eating habit, we won't avoid from getting sick.

 Many people don't know that anger can cause diseases.

Anger is related to liver Qi. When a person get angry his/her liver Qi will go up. This will cause dizziness and headache, which are the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Excessive liver Qi also curbs stomach Qi. This will lead to stomachache. There is one kind of Chinese medicine which is especially for this type of stomach problem.

We know that liver stores blood. When liver Qi becomes disordered the blood cannot be smoothly delivered to the heart. If the heart lacks blood it will lead to heart attack or stroke .

So anger can cause stomachache and stroke. Next time when you get angry with somebody, take a deep breath and remind yourself it's not good to your own health. Talk to her/him when you become calm. Forgiveness, let it go.

Sometimes it's because we expect too much of others, or are too strict on others. Then give up being a perfect demanding person.





Anna's Nature Regimen and Recipe Express

-- Keep your life close to the nature


China's five-thousand years of culture and history reserved precious regimen. I'm digging out and would like to share with you. So this website, including this e-zine is not only about Chinese recipes, it's more about healthy life style.

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24 May, 2012

Issue #32

Table of Content:

1. Causes of disease: Pathogenic factors in TCM-6 evils- Dampness(V)

Sometimes it's dampness that slows your metabolism.


2. Job's Tears Help to remove dampness

Job's tear seed is an amazing food and medicinal herb. You'll benefit a lot if you stick to eat it.

3. Prevent yourself from getting angry

Yin-deficiency people tend to get angry.

4. Let nature takes its course  

See what happens of our organs at different stages.


1.Causes of disease: Pathogenic factors in TCM 6 evils - dampness(V)

Damp evil happens when it's at late summer, or living/working in damp environment. Large quantity of very cold drinks and greasy food also cause dampness.

Dampness is Yin evil which will hurt Yang Qi, especially spleen Yang Qi. When spleen Qi is hurt the food intake cannot be transformed and transported properly. This will cause swelling, diarrhea, epigastric and abdominal distention. Most obese people are spleen Yang-deficiency.

Dampness is turbid and heavy. If you are attacked by damp evil, you'll experience heaviness of head and body, soreness and pain of joints, etc.

Dampness is characterized by stickiness and stagnation. Patients have sluggish stool. The disease tends to last longer. The symptom tends to appear again and again, such as eczema.

Dampness tends to downward and attack lower part of the body such as edema on the lower limbs.


2. Job's Tears help to remove dampness

Job's tear grain is an amazing food and a medicinal herb. You'll benefit a lot if you stick to eat it.

It'll help obese people to regulate metabolism. If you have lung related chronic disease, you can get very effective cures by eating Job's tears.

You can cook variety dishes by using Job's tears

a. Job's Tears and Small Red Bean Porridge

b. Job's Tears and White Gourd Soup

c. Stir fried Job's Tears with Broccoli

d. Seafood Pealla with Job's Tears

please see this page on my website for other benefits of Job's Tears and detail recipes.

If you have edema recently, or at late summer, you can go for Job's tears diet to remove dampness and lose weight.

Here is four day Job's Tears Diet Menu.


3. Prevent yourself from getting angry

There are many advices on how to prevent yourself from getting angry. However, sometimes it's not wishful thinking. Some people's constitutions cause them to get angry easily. Two types of constitutions belong to this situation: Yang-excess people and Yin-deficiency people.

Character of Yang-excess people: strong physique, red face, loud voice and coarse respiration; prefer coldness and cold drinks, aversion to heat; tend to get fever when attached by illness.

Yang-excess people are relatively easy to be adjusted by diet. Avoid eating hot and spicy foods as well as lamp and venison. Don't eat too much beef, chicken. Eat more cold nature foods such as bitter melon, cucumber, eggplant, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, etc. Watermelon and banana are good fruits for them. Drink green tea, chrysanthemum tea, etc. Replace processed foods, white rice and white bread with whole grain, whole wheat and unprocessed foods.

When excessive heat is removed, the Yang-excess people will have Yin-Yang balance. Their temper will become good.

Yin-deficiency people have virtual heat. It's popular among women, especially those in menopause. The symptoms of Yin-deficiency: dysphoria and hot palm and sole, afternoon hot flush, night sweat, red cheek, dry mouth, etc.

As it is virtual heat, Yin-deficiency is not easy to be adjusted. Like Yang excess, Yin-deficiency people also should avoid hot&spicy food and hot nature food. Don't eat lamp and venison. They should eat cool/cold nature food too, but cannot eat too much very cold food which may hurt Yang Qi. Don't drink iced water/juice. The important for Yin-deficiency people is to nourish Yin. Eat more Yin tonic foods such as duck, ablone, tofu, beef tendon, etc.

Both groups of people should eat more fresh leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. But Yin-deficiency people should avoid eating too much raw foods.


4. Let nature takes its course (I)

Life has its own law. We should respect and abide by it. Let's see what happens at different stages of age.


Five Zang Organs: liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney.

Six Fu Organs: gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, urinary bladder, sanjiao

10 years old: Five Zang organs already developed. Qi and blood run smoothly. Qi is vigorous at the lower part of the body. So we can see that children at this age like jumping movement.

20 years old: Qi and blood begin to full. Muscles begin to build. We like to walk very fast at this stage.

30 years old: The functions of Five-Zang organs are strong and vigorous. Muscles are solid. Blood is full. We like to walk steadily at this stage.

40 years old: Both Five-Zang and Six-Fu develop to the top. They are mature and cannot develop any more. From now on, the skin begins to become loose; the face begins to lose gloss; the hair begins to become grey and white; QI and body fluid is balance and full now. We like to sit at this age.

50 years old: The liver Qi begins to decline; the lobs of liver begins to thin and weak; the secretion of the bile begins to decline, the eye-sight begins to blur.

60 years old: The heart Qi begins to decline. Always being in sad and worried mood. Blood and Qi begin to decline. Being slack and lassitude. We like to lay down at this age.

70 years old: The spleen Qi becomes deficiency and weak. The skin becomes dry.

80 years old: The lung Qi becomes weak and cannot store vigor. We always make mistakes when talking at this age.

90 years old: The kidney Qi is exhausted as well as other Zang organs (the spleen, the lung, the liver, the heart).

100 years old: All Five-Zang organs are empty. The spirit is almost disappeared. Only the material body exists.


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